What Cathie Wood JUST Said | The Biggest Danger.

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Cathie Wood on inflation. The stockmarket. And great depression.

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  1. 5 videos even when Kevin’s on vacation lol!! What a legend

  2. Yeah she has to say that, it’s her job to find story’s without any logic by going back 100y. This is so stupid. But hay YT money is good right?😂

  3. lmao that moment when the guy wanted to be in the video, but then also didn't

  4. Man,
    while there is no words to thank you for all the great videos, I want to say to a big thank you to your wife for being so supportive. Only 0.5% of women will allow you filming videos while on baecation. She is just incredible. Keep the good work

  5. EU yday said 2023 will average over 6% inflation, this aint over so fast.

  6. Kevin made tons of $$$ Pushing the FTX Ponzi Scam. How much did FTX pay you Kevin? You should do a video on it!

  7. This dude put his tesla on autopilot and riding in the back seat doing his video 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Are all these videos suppose to distract people from the FTX scam

  9. Please no monthly fees. I was seriously considering purchasing the course as a personal holiday gift.

  10. The monthly fee is the only thing preventing me from signing up for the Elite Hustlers University! I would love to see it just become a one time payment.

  11. IMO This is almost exactly as 2001 crash. Now crypto is our ".com bubble" Makes 100% sense to me. The monthly, weekly, and daily charts are about the exact same, up until now. Including the indicators that I use it aligns perfectly! Now, I believe we rally til Christmas, then by last week of December we start the total destruction and finalize the crash by Winter 2023 where $NDX hits around $6,000 and $SPX to $2,000. So in January DON'T HOLD anything jus day t trade and short! Just my Humbl opinion 😉 Good luck!

  12. cathie's "deflationary forces" aren't significant. It's all about the money supply.

  13. lol. sure there will be a boom in the next month or 2 when the HFs sell off at the top to cover all their bad bets and shorts. then overnight the collapse happens and screws the world economy all while the HFs laugh there way to the Bahamas.

  14. Cathy needs some rest, the fed and governments back in the twenties did not have all the knowledge and tolls to stop the negative inflation, like you said she is trying to find an excuse for her funds poor performance

  15. How can you take seriously a woman who said Zoom shares will be worth $1.400 ?!?!

  16. Am I the onlyone that thinks is super sad how much this guy works? Like, the poor dude has no life.

  17. Cathie is desperate and this is what she hopes happen to save her portfolio

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