What Are RED ROOMS of Dark Web (Are They Real?!)

If you have ever heard of the dark web’s secret Red Rooms and have been curious about these mysterious private torture rooms, then today’s video has got you covered. We’re taking a deep dive into the darkest corners of the Dark Web to uncover the truth about Red Rooms! Check it out right now!


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30 gedachten over “What Are RED ROOMS of Dark Web (Are They Real?!)”

  1. so there is red room and people ketting hurt or torture but i dont under stand wye they do that like there the samse humans but mayby whit not iq or brain sles

  2. “Welcome guys, this is episode 046 of Timmy & The Torture Buddies! Please make a donation below.”

  3. I was looking for the red room curse but found this😭😭😭

  4. People who think they're real overestimate onion routing severely.

  5. If i ever entered redroom. I would paid the most ( I'm poor still) and say them to FREE THE HUMAN.

  6. this video is as pathetic as the comments. Of course ORGANIZED red rooms exist. These YouTube channels love to do damage control.

  7. Well, red rooms aren't real, though it's fun to Roleplay them. I did that loots of times! But always do the easy stuff, maybe some tickling, but don't do serious harm. Oh, and if you're doing it with a girlfriend like mine, pack up a few pieces of "gum". Protection y'know?

  8. dont worry FBI agent, im just seeing what this thing is because i always watch these guys videos

  9. Huh. Red rooms are real, look long enough and deep enough and yea you’ll stumble on a certain website. It’s not worth it though. You do you though ig

  10. Seems like you've just touched the point I was thinking:
    Sadistic people DO exist. It's scary.
    But streaming into the TOR network seems highly unlikely due to how slow it is (that's the price for privacy).

  11. I don’t get why people would want torture videos as opposed to slasher movies? It’s basically the same thing, except one is showcasing the acting and makeup abilities of creatives, and the other is showcasing a psychopath. It’s pretty obvious which one you should support. Just watch Fear Street y’all.


  13. Good thing I have sword in my room then I can knock out the the criminal and or stab him (stabbing would get me arrested tho).

  14. H̶e̵l̴l̸o̷ i am just using lingo jam don’t get all mad

  15. the light web: fun and games
    The light-dark web: A bit of fun and games, some creepiness. they are creepypasta websites.
    Dark web: This is where all the fun ends. the illegal activity is here.
    Deep web: The illegal activity intesitifies
    Very deep web: The illegal activity becomes untraceable.

  16. Red rooms are likely not real, when going on the dark web your internet speeds are hella slow. You couldn’t even stream 360p at over 15 fps. Most you could do is pictures

  17. If red rooms really are not real, then this must have been the first good thing I heard about the dark web.

  18. Maybe after 5g or 6g arrives, live stream could be possible in tor!🥶

  19. I swear to god if I was there being tortured and heard “ this video is sponsored by raid shadow legends..”

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