What are NFT’s (Explained in 10 Minutes) | How to make money from NFT’s

What are NFT’s? This question is asked by many in this era of blockchain and crypto currency, NFT’s are relatively new phenomenon and because some NFT’s sold for insane amount of money , many want to invest in them. In this video, I will tell you What are NFT’s and How to make money from NFT’s.
Crypto art, digital art or nft art is explained in 10 minutes in this video. So Millionairo, here it is non fungible tokens explained for you people

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30 gedachten over “What are NFT’s (Explained in 10 Minutes) | How to make money from NFT’s”

  1. Salaam, azad bhai. how to get cash money or deposit in bank with NFT business ?

  2. Ye aap glass screen or ko write KR ray ho? Ye kaisay krtay ho?

  3. Salam sir I am artist some 3person DM me that they like my art they want to buy it from me each piece with 1.5 eth but in NFT what should I do plzz help me I saw your next video about NFT I make account asa you told in the video but they say will your wallet with 0.3 eth what should I do plzz need help I will be really thank😢

  4. Sir i got a request to sell my painting as an NFT on instagram how should I know what processes are included in the selling of NFT??

  5. Brother make a video for Pakistani brown parents and tell them reality about education system and let their kids do digital things 🖤

  6. This I understand NFT same like painting sold in auctions & bought by millionaires

  7. what happens if i copy someone's art wich is already minted, and then make my own nft. i think, i and the other person both will have the ownership of same art. wouldn't that be a problem? or let's say that i made a very small unnoticable change to litrelly change the data then? How can we determine who has real ownership.

  8. Azad bhai , I have one Question, Do we have to buy BTC or ETH to put our Art online or is it free?

  9. Kuch pally nhiii praaa wo too Ameer ha hamey Kya krrna chayyy wo btaooo

  10. If it is non fungible than any other person don't use it?

  11. Your should research a bit ap ny farmaya k blockchain pr koi b chez hoti hai wo coin ka sahara leti h jab k blockchain itself is a technology which enables cryptocurrency so cryptocurrency jis ko ap coins keh rhy hen wo blockchain ka sahra leti hai. I just wish k ap koi degree ly lety tw esa ulta sidha na bolty.

  12. Sir mere art piece k kaafi angreezon nay nft offer di mai understand nahi kr paa raha means last offer 1500eth what I can do

  13. Is treding ,forex trading, stock analysis halal Islamic viewpoints?

  14. Bhai mjy ye puchna h k main ek artist hn kisi ny MJ sy Mera art purchase krna h by NFT. To puchna ye h k main usko apna art kasy dn gi?

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