“We’re Literally MONTHS Away From A Collapse” – Max Keiser Bitcoin PREDICTION!

“We’re Literally MONTHS Away From A Collapse” – Max Keiser Bitcoin PREDICTION!


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11 gedachten over ““We’re Literally MONTHS Away From A Collapse” – Max Keiser Bitcoin PREDICTION!”

  1. Hmmmmmm 🤔
    Trickle down economics
    Trickle down economics for me has always looked like a
    Pyramid Scheme.
    Pyramid Scheme's/Ponzi Scheme's are a fraudulent system of making money 💰. Every Trickle down economics diagram that I have ever seen is exactly a Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme and as they say the best place to hide something is in plain sight 💯💯💯💯%.
    The Foolish are easily Fooled and there is no Vaccination against Stupid 💉💉👍

  2. I always look up your videos for updates! Our government has no idea how people are suffering these days. I feel for people with disabilities not getting the help they deserve. Thank you Mrs sonia silvia, imagine investing $15,000 and received $301,500.

  3. lmao…this guy is really a big dunce.. everything will priced in bitcoin ? lol

  4. so silly…. i've been hearing this crap for 6 or 7 years. such a joke you guys are

  5. Max is really smart. However I've been waiting for the banking system to fail due to money printing since the 80's. It never happens, like BTC over $100k.

  6. I remember some years back when Max predicted that the value of Silver would surpass $16,000 per ounce. Think about that and then ask yourself 2 questions: 1) Why would Stacy marry such a dumbass? 2) Why would anyone believe Max Keiser predictions after he has proven to the world – over and over and over again – that his ability to predict the future is PURE SHITE. Sorry Max I think you seek attention more than you seek the truth.

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