Web Summit 2021 | Day two

Welcome to Day 2 of #WebSummit 2021 🎉 We’ll be streaming Centre Stage here all day!

Coming up this morning, we’ve got some great talks, including:

“How to win fans and influence people” with Sarati, Griffin Johnson, Caspar Lee and Filomena Cautela, and “How can we achieve digital equality across the world?” with Microsoft president Brad Smith.

Definitely not a day to miss 💪

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  1. Okra sounds like the best solution to me! Power to the People!

  2. Just like he said, if you want sideloading go to another platform. Easy as that.

  3. I don't understand the comparison against Windows here without also including macOS. You can "sideload" apps on macOS too.

  4. After his speech, I applaud everyone in the audience who didn't.

  5. Breakout startup 2

    4:11:35 – Breakout startups

    4:39:10 – Break & Collision trailer

    4:54:15 – Talk from António Guterres(UN Secretary General)

    4:57:14 – Anti-maskers: The drunk drivers of 2021 ~ Dorry Segev (John Hopkins School of Medicine)

  6. Okra is the best one for sure. Providing cheap, affordable, renewable energy to help off grid people gain opportunities through electrification not only helping people but also the planet!!!

  7. Craig makes a very convincing argument for the iOS platform. I am one of five in Europe that made the choice and values the security and the mantra of Apple on making a privacy-oriented product. It's also not just your device… if a friends' device is compromised, you are probably sending them something in the spirit of being safe.

  8. 00:00 – Start

    24:51 – Introduction

    26:06 – Breakout Startups1

    1:13:00 – Break

    1:23:56 – Facebook will not fix itself ~ Chat with Roger McNamee

    1:42:20 – Scaling smartly: Lessons from unicorn founders ~ Chat with Jeffrey Kolovson(Faire) & Hiroki Takeuchi(GoCardless)

    2:02:20 – European Startups Nations Alliance ~ Pedro Siza Viera (Portuguese government)

    2:17:40 – Break

    2:14:40 – Pandemics and protests: What Social upheaval means for democracy ~ Opal Tometi(BLM)

    2:38:25 – How to win fans and influence people ~ Chat with Sarati Callahan, Casper lee(Influencer), Nas Daily

    2:57:55 – Is remote working a phase? ~ Chat with Jeff Maggioncalda(Coursea), Alex Bouaziz (Deel), Mada Seghete(Branch)

    3:15:54 – Revolutionising Brain Therapy ~ Ana Maiques(Neuroelectrics)

    3:27:35 – Building a net-zero economy: How do we move from pledges to progress? ~ Brad Smith(Microsoft)

    3:48:17 – Break

  9. I think iDiots deserve this dose of fear-mongering, better for the jailbreak community to weed-out individuals that would blindly trust corporations.

  10. 5:10:40 – Dream it, then make it happen ~ Kate Swanborg(Dreamworks)

    5:25:44 – Me, myself and AI ~ Chat with Daniel Dines(UiPath) & Daniela Braga(Defined ai)

    5:45:49 – Welcome to the metaverse ~ Chat with Chris Cox(Meta/Facebook)

    6:08:15 – An ugly truth Inside Facebook's battle for domination ~ Cecilia Kang(NY Times)

    6:26:50 – Will we ever travel like we did before? ~ Stephen Kaufer(Tripadvisor)

    6:40:05 – Marketing in 2022 ~ Chat with Sir Marton Sorrell(S4 Capital), Jessica Spence(Beam Suntory) & Jane Wakely(Mars Incorp)

    7:05:09 – Is there a digital glass ceiling ~ Chat with Catarina Furtado(UNFPA) & Sofia Nunes(Mambu)

    7:31:21 – Apple keynote: Privacy and security ~ Craig Federighi(Apple)

    7:43:44 – Break before Pitch Semifinals

    7:48:30 – Pitch Semifinals

    8:47:35 – Pitch Finalists announced

  11. Craig's arguments against side-loading feel a bit overblown. MacOS, Windows and Android aren't some kind of scary, dangerous platforms to use. It's easy to constantly inform the user about potential dangers of side loading, and I feel like the benefit of software freedom outweighs the potential security risk. It's not like you can't get scammed on iOS today in a different way. Meh.

  12. People who find sideloading on macOS contradictory to Craig's argument: Please, just please, get over it. I'm just fed up of this shit everywhere. You're not making any sense. You only care about what you want (I don't know what and why, you have alternatives to consider if you can't get over it) and completely disregard the WHOLE point of security on iOS. These are different platforms used for different things. We use our phone to do daily things, a lot of them. We store a lot of personal information in our phones that we cannot afford getting stolen or anything similar. What we use a desktop OS for, is something like productivity tasks, our jobs, our work, and a lot more. For example, a developer (like me) would need sideloading on such a OS on which they develops on. Using a desktop OS requires some common sense that most macOS users do know what to install and what not. But what about iPhone? My parents and grand parents have it. They don't know about the digital world, where digital crimes happen. They don't know what they should trust and what not. They're usually easier to trick. My grand-dad, for example, have some banking apps in their phone which I had setup for them. They only know how to do certain things which they need to do with it. Imagine if iOS allowed sideloading, these janky cyber criminals will only very easily trick him into installing malware on the name of some legit thing on his iPhone and he's screwed. Believe it or not, allowing sideloading on iOS would only be disastrous than helpful for a handful of people. If you really want it, go get a fricking Android or even jailbreak your iPhone if possible if you're really hurt by this argument. Swallow it, Craig's words are completely valid.

  13. The fact that someone can speak so much bullshit in such a short period of time is indeed something. Hopefully there are still intelligent people among the legislators to pass on blatant corporate lobby and possibly the accompanying bribes.

  14. I'm a big boy, Craig, I can handle whatever the hell I'm doing with MY computer. Mind your damn business and worry about your own computer instead of however the hell I use mine. If I wanna sideload, I'm gonna sideload.

  15. But the App Store is FULL of Chinese malware and crappy rip off apps that are only there to steal your money and personal data! Remember when Apple used to build great software to go with it’s great hardware?! Now Apple is only about one thing, how much money it can bleed out of users.

  16.  scanning ur photos for CSaM. Yup..  protects us. 😆😂🤣

    Also:  recently added Report Scam app after 10 years. So much for privacy. I support sideloading

  17. What I feel Craig failed to mention, but is an important part, is also that allowing side-loading not only opens up for vulnerabilities for you and your device, but also your contacts and people you're connected to.

    Allowing any random software to run on your device opens up the attack surface, which makes the device inherently less secure due to the loosened security measures.

    As for people who mention that "macOS can side-load apps"; while that's true, you have to manually opt-out of Gatekeeper and macOS inherently less secure than iOS because of this.

    You trade security for convenience and vice versa. Always. Choose what you feel is most important to you.

  18. "Craig Federighi is a cybercriminal’s best friend".


  19. Yeah we don't allow our user to download app elsewhere because of security risk. All must download from our official store so we make more money.

  20. it is wonderful to hear these speakers- entrepreneurs, love the facts about "Facebook"

  21. love and respect Nas daily content- so value, interesting, opening eyes knowldge

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