Wealth Transfer Tips – Kucoin & Bittrex Prophetic Dream (Skip to 4:45)

0:Please skip to 4:45 for the Kucoin & Bittrex dream

This is not financial advice.
Rather, take my points of view and financial advice I do for myself under your discretion (at your own risk).
These are tips and advice I do for myself.
God bless everyone.

0:00 – Intro
4:45 – Kucoin & Bittrex dream
7:35 – Cold Wallets Are Important
9:33 – Gold & Silver
12:59 – The Parable Of The Talents
16:45 – Final Thoughts

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El Mesias – Dave Melodioso


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  1. Pray against irresponsible behaviour and prodigal son mentality.

    Remember not all gold and silver are equal. Buy what will sell easily. Stick to small dominations like one once coins. Refiners prefer granules to coins or bars simply because they can see what they are buying. Remember the best way to test your coins are the ping test (must have a long ping sound when struck with a pencil).

    Prophet Tomi Arayomi said in his video NASA ( meaning to test) that we need to save 20% of everything the LORD brings in for you this year to prepare for the seven lean years coming.

  2. Thank you so CoinBaše , Kuco are prophetic, what about Mexç? , also When orders fills can i cash out 50% to bank and send 50% to cold wallet? Im worried exchanges will close down after liquidity crunch …. What do you think about PAXG gold backed digital coin?

  3. I had a dream
    I was in Arg
    and a Voice was telling me set up your buy limit order with your $ 25 bucks
    To buy stellar
    I heard the Voice at least 3 times and I felt that a lot of things were crashing or getting worse with Hyper Inflation .
    I do not live in Arg
    But I guess things in USA might be heading the way Arg is
    God Bless you guys

  4. His hand on Bittrex? They pulled out of America because the SEC harassed them with too much regulation. I had to pull all my Crypto out by April 30th.

  5. If an ounce of gold is at $2,000, to find out how much a gram is, you have to divide by 31.1, which is what an ounce of gold weighs, that is, $64.3 per gram

  6. Great video! Love your track!!!🎉🎉

  7. I haven’t been able to open a KuCoin account. It says it’s not allowed in the USA. Please advise.
    Thank you

  8. Thank you brother. You said "you'll profit more if you do that"…I missed, do what? Which coins? Thank you. One other question…I've noticed more Precious Mtls' Dealers are accepting Crypto…maybe after a Flash Crash…transfer directly to them? Thanks again

  9. God’s informing us has been growing clearer, more precise over time. Urgent, it always is, it is always biblically “Today, if you hear…”. Write down and ponder what stands out for you. Always what we don’t get is there for us to ask, so ask.

  10. When they dump we loot like Robin hood, take from the rich give to the poor lol

  11. Two things I would like to mention first bitrex filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday not sure if its for insurance purposes but that's scary. Also i went ahead and set up sell limit orders it would take months to cancel them all and put on cold storage 😢

  12. Where can you buy Nano X Ledger at the cheaper price of USD $100 please ?

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