WARNING: Bitcoin BULLS look to TARGET new local HIGH!

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  2. Don't forget a very bullish catalyst that just happened in the US. A top democratic presidential candidate Just said Bitcoin is freedom. If we can get the brainwashed liberals on board with Bitcoin the bull run is on. The last 4 years they have tried to destroy it so liberals think bit coin is gangster money. So timing related to the having and the next bull run in the next presidential cycle looks to be lining up.

  3. Wrong again, we’re breaking down further than $30,256.

  4. Why is FED’s pivot considered to have the effect of Bitcoin breaking down to lower prices? If they do pivot, they will print money. Wouldnt that fuel prices to inflate further up?

  5. I believe inverted head and shoulders patterns occur at the end of a down trend, not an uptrend!

  6. Nick I’ve been supporting you for ages but you said it wasn’t going to break 31k , now your talking about 34/35k? Dam

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