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  1. 90 billion are POV marker tokens and will never be part of the circulating supply or traded. They run the POV system . VRA🚀

  2. Yup most techical analysts are predicting the same thing

  3. $VRA maximum and total supply includes PoV marker tokens that are used within our ad stack and do not contribute to circulating supply (i.e. they are not traded in the market)

  4. Vra fan here.
    So VRA just had a community vote with major improvements on the tokenomics.
    110b coins.
    Out of those 10 billion are being burned out of possible circulating supply (it was initially held back for possible possible purchases, I.E a war-chest? And 90b tokens are being burned and then reminted on its own blockchain. These 90b tokens are used for functionality of its Proof of View technology and its use case. Also verasity does a quarterly burn and the end of the year will now be it's 4th burn that has been initiated.
    New total supply of VRA will be about 10.5b tokens total.
    Very exciting times for VRA🔥❤️💯

  5. 90B PoV marker tokens are going the same way as the 10B burn; they are moving them off the VRA chain and over to a new chain; therefore, there is at, this point only 10.3B tokens. This is a huge development and will help VRA get into the Top 50.

  6. If you're going to review a token then you need to know the tokenomics. VRA has burned 10B of the 20.3B circulating supply and is moving the 90B PofV tokens to a totally new chain; therefore, of the previous 110B tokens shown by CMC; there is only 10.3B PofS tokens totally now.

  7. $.24 cents target would then give you a market cap of only $2.5B, $.28 cents would be a $3B market cap.

  8. Regarding Kucoin exchange and U.S. customers; no longer, they have kicked us to the curb.

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