Vitalik Buterin & CZ of Binance – Crypto To Explode! in 2022

laatste update: 10-2022

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Vitalik Buterin & CZ of Binance on crypto, blockchain and why crypto prices are destined to go much higher! Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange traded an unbelievable $34 Trillion dollars worth of crypto in 2021. And this year, even with the huge downturn, they’re on track to do another $34 trillion.

Now CZ founder of Binance and Vitalik founder of Ethereum are two of the big names in crypto. Recently they were speakers at a conference in France which I think went under most people’s radar, but there was some big points made which showed why crypto will very likely be exploding to new highs in the not too distant future.

In this video we will be looking at:
0:00 – Intro
2:00 – FTX
3:03 – Binance
4:14 – Crypto To Explode
5:40 – Vitalik Buterin
7:44 – Web 3.0
8:41 – Summary


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  2. < first got into BTC back in 2016 and have been hodling/buying sats at different price points since. I've been through corrections before and will likely experience more over the future. Volatility is simply the price one needs to pay if they want to play. I don't have any Alts as I'm a bit of a BTC Maxi, but that said, if BTC hasn't died before, it surely won't do so now. Stick in there – yes we are all feeling the pain, but over the long run this will just be a blip. This is how I see past corrections when I felt that I got in at a high (back then I think it was less than $1000 and bouncing all over the place!). Now when I look back, all I see is regret for not having the courage in buying more at those times. But if you believe BTC has value, then by all means, buy the dips if you can afford to. For those who got in at 60 or 70K and feeling the crunch: hang in there. BTC is not a get rich quick scheme. Wait it out and you will see: you will come away stronger. I buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 11` btc with 3.1btc in just 5weeks from day trading with Expert MR. Barton L William Crypto in few weeks this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish. Technical analysis is my second You can reach Mr. William on ͲeIєɠɾαm @ Bartonsignal. Cheers thank me later.

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  6. In the next bull run I will be trying very hard not to get emotional. Ice Man 😎

  7. Leaving a comment so your vids show up in my feed..enjoy your channel

  8. Upward explosion in the backdrop of high inflation n looming economic recession?? R u sure??


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  11. Came and went. These guys just want to sell and are trying to get it as high as they can. The inside knows that the governments are going to shut it all down.

  12. The crypto market is facing a key moment right now, in a very short time it's gonna see a breakout to new record highs. This is a critical moment that every Investor needs to be aware of to buy more… With the current market trends, Investing in bitcoin now would be a very smart move to make as it's gonna skyrock soon…

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  14. Sometimes I really wondered how people make this huge profits investing on the stock market online, I agreed with you investing and earning is a legitimate way to gain financial freedom, but how is it done?

  15. Despite the crypto downturn, I'm so happy I currently own 2.5 BTC, main while I started trading using method with just 0.4BTC. The goal is to own 10 BTC😊

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  18. I am invested in Crypto and I'm bullish about the future. Crypto will definitely change how we transact value. However, the internet and web3 are not the magic fix to our current economic, and political troubles. NOT everything will grow exponentially. Digital products will grow, but physical products still depend on physical supply chains which may or may not cross borders. Also, governments will fight to keep control of their monopoly on power.

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