Verasity (VRA): Vera Wallet💰, My Staking Earnings 💲(ROI), How to Stake Verasity (VRA)❓

laatste update: 06-2022

This video should not be understood as financial advice investing in ccrypto might lead to fully loss of your investment.
This video is made in educational, informational and entertainment purpose only!

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  1. So staking the minimum as of today at 25 % of 390 it would take 6 months to get back the 1000 kucoin fee, is it worth it

  2. to transfer VRA from kucoin to wallet the transfer fee is 500 VRA… u can choose between: makes no sense or fucking rediculous…

  3. If i decide to stake VRA now, it will only last till the end of march 2022? Is that correct or you can enter the staking programm till to this date?

  4. Great video buddy..

    I wanted to know.. Iam new to staking.. And currently staking on kucoin and binance.. When it says Apy which is annual.. We still can unstake and get the rewards like after the minimum staking locking period like 3/4 days and get the rewards..

    the transfer fees is 100 vra right.

    I wanted to knoe of kucoin cz they are giving POL on staking as well.. Kinda confusing

  5. If I stake. Which I've never done, am I still exposed to price action. Or am I locked in for a time so if it goes up I cannot take it out

  6. How do we autostake the earned vra?
    Also you got in this at a great time 👍 👌
    What other coins do u have in mind that u think could be the next vra or 50x

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