Verasity VRA should hit $0.10 VERY FAST (under $0.01 now)

Verasity VRA crypto price prediction. It’s not often I expect a coin to 16x fast. But Verasity coin is showing incredible signs of a humungous pump. So strong that I suspect a breakout in price will happen soon and in a big way. Watch now as I explain all in today’s Verasity VRA crypto price prediction.

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TLDR – Verasity VRA crypto price prediction

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  1. Read the white paper , i thought it says 90 billion powers the ad stack and isn't in the contributing to the circulating supply

  2. Cool video but when you find out circling supplies 10.3B supply is 20B and 90 billion VRA tokens never hit circling supply and are used in a closed loop to to power the ecosystem.…. There is a lot of potential. and no those tokens won’t enter cs

  3. Circulating suplly is 1/10 of max suplly. What are you talking about man. The same logic you've applied to THG coin

  4. In my humble opinion, you’re dead on with regards to VRA! Great video… Check out Volt Inu – it has a use case like UniSwap…but better!

  5. Cheers for the video James read up the whitepaper in regards to max supply most of them can never enter the market

  6. Whats the difference between proof of view and proof of vote?

  7. VRA is my biggest bag… plus just look at how many comments you got on this video opposed to the rest of your vids.. the community is strong as hell.

  8. I’ve got just under 16m VRA. Holding/staking for almost 3yrs so far

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