VERASITY (VRA): Proof of View Tech & VeraEsports – TEAM INTERVIEW

Verasity (VRA) is a protocol and Product-Layer platform for esports and video entertainment. They have the only patented protocol on the blockchain, and they are specialists in fighting advertising fraud and have created a system that integrates their Vera Wallet to reward users for viewing. They also launched VeraEsports (former EsportsFightClub), an esports platform where users can watch content and compete in tournaments to earn rewards.

Justin is the Chief Revenue Officer at Verasity. He Co-Founded Pubguard, which revolutionised in-app ad verification. You can find him on Twitter as @Wenczka.

Maryam has worked with blockchain household names like HL7, ConsenSys, and the Cardano Foundation. She’s the Chief Marketing Officer at Verasity. You can find her on Twitter as @KryptoMaryam.

If you want to find Verasity, you can do so at
For EFC, you can go to


0:00:00 – Intro
0:00:11 – Maryam Mahjoub
0:03:10 – Justin Wenczka
0:04:35 – What is advertising fraud?
0:07:45 – How does digital advertising fraud look like?
0:10:43 – Verasity’s Proof of View
0:15:35 – How proof of view works
0:32:35 – What does Verasity do for content creators?
0:39:47 – Scalability for Verasity
0:41:36 – Verasity’s roadmap
0:43:13 – VeraEsports & Proof of View expansion plans
0:47:40 – Women in crypto
00:52:55 – Roadmap – VeraWallet
00:58:05 – Big announcements
00:59:41 – Roadmap – NFTs
1:03:46 – NFT fraud variations
1:10:01 – Blockchain for fraud combat and prevention

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30 gedachten over “VERASITY (VRA): Proof of View Tech & VeraEsports – TEAM INTERVIEW”

  1. Loved the interview ❤️. Believe VRA is bigger then I thought. 🚀🚀🚀

  2. I really like the vibes from those two, they seem super intelligent and very passionate about their work, VRA is my biggest crypto hodl excited to see where this project goes 🚀

  3. VRA will make many early investors millionaires! Get in now or cry later🚀🚀🏆🏆

  4. VRA is a gem and small market cap for the gigantic industry its disrupting. x100 long term.

  5. @Carlos!
    Please! Your microphone is meant to be facing you! You are kinda talking to the top/center which makes sound really bad…
    Fix it and your sound will be outstanding!

  6. Wow so this was absolutely RAD…

    The way justin moves and inflects his eyes and jaw inspired sincere confidence in this investor. It’s not hard to spot a total egg

    And Maryam is clearly in the same wheel house. Such an impressive poise. I feel relieved to see such a caliber of person in the driver’s seat.

    There were things said here that have caused me to reconsider my ‘sell’ strategy. So damn happy I unloaded Theta for this asset. Very tangent inspiration and persuits, but Theta dropped the ball, I’m sorry, whereas this team doesn’t deviate from their core value proposition.

    Just rambling not trying to make a point, but I’m just so thourogly satiated and bullish after this wow I picked a true gem. Love the brainy, professional, FOCUSED and yet some how earthy vibrations.

    Go VERA

  7. LOL: Gas fee of 700 VRA will be deducted from this amount. 700VRA are around 50$, so you must pay 50$ for each Withdraw

  8. How man are disappointed after Maryam left? I think we all know the horrible down turn

  9. Who is here after 1 year of viewing this video. 🤣🤣 I laugh at my self for trusting this project😂😂 almost spent 20k to buy 200k VRA

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