Verasity Review : This Is Why VRA Is Going To Go Parabolic

laatste update: 08-2022

This is a review of Verasity. Marty goes in depth on VRA with research and news to decide if this looks like a project with huge potential.

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0:00 – Intro
3:00 – Looking At Verasity
4:15 – Whitepaper
5:40 – Use Cases, Partnerships, And Patent
8:45 – Issues And Solutions With Verasity
11:00 – NFTs
14:45 – Biggest Thing With Verasity
16:66 – Partnership With Brightcove
18:30 – Numbers And Tokenomics
21:40 – Outro

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In this video Marty goes in depth with a review of Verasity. With the recent pump in the crypto market, certain projects like VRA have a good chance of continuing the rally. Marty shares all the research he has done on the project and talks about future potential, what the proejct has to offer, and more news related to Verasity. Listen in to this review of Verasity and decide if this is a project you want to invest in.

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  1. Your video is well shot. I am very interested. If you are interested in business cooperation, you can talk about the specific details in detail. !

  2. Good video, however, you mentioned that the Verasity tokenomics rely on PoV, and while their development is mostly focused on that technology the coin actually uses Proof of Stake.

  3. I look forward to partnerships with twitch and youtube in future where content creators can be Vera-fied , so people know the true subscribers and views they actually have.

  4. The truth of the matter is years past was crypto acceptance. Now, its all about crypto projects paying off the big boys for attention. VRA has yet to prove they will be the main POV for anything. I've asked them and there social feeds everywhere about a use case video.. and nobody has generated a thing. Their entire use case revolves around how much money a person can generate while watching or providing content. It's that simple, yet NOT a single person on their team has posted any video regarding how much you can make using VRA. Its the dumbest thing I've ever seen. And for that reason alone, it will 50x. Crypto is that dumb. Its going to Shiba the F'ing Inu out of control. I've seen the bs before.

  5. Subbed to u cause i liked ur vid concept on vra as i am a bug holder. The way u put ur vid to talk bout the different ways vra is apporachiing the market. Hope u do more on vra as it progresses mate

  6. Nice video and information thank you. But you mentioned that VERASITY has a mobile wallet and this is not so. They only have a webwallet. Quarters 3 of last year on the roadmap they specified that a Mobile wallet was coming out in that quarter then they pushed it back to quarter 4 of 2021 and now it's disappeared from their roadmap. Would be nice to know what happened ? An explanation and transparency would be nice from team VERASITY 🤔🤷😕

  7. Staking percentage has changed since making this video it's now at 18.2 Apy but still good. remember guys you're not investing in the company your are investing in the technology VRA is just a token to purchase bits of the technology I personally believe it will go to a dollar.

  8. Lots of good infos – a very good video , thank you for that! The only thing that gets me a bit, is the sound. It gets louder and lower all the time (when you turn your head). But if could be my ears.. 🙂

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