VERASITY & HBAR CHART LOOKS POSITIVE. 📈 #verasity #vra #crypto #hbar #hederahashgraph #bitcoin

In this Crypto tenderfoot episode I discuss my thoughts on the verasity and hbar chart and the ascending triangle pattern forming and the bullish scenario if it unfolds as expected, I also discuss how bitcoin may influence them both in the coming days-weeks.

I really enjoy looking at the charts and finding patterns that help in making decisions on which way the market is going hopefully you enjoy this as well.
#verasity #vra #crypto #verasitycrypto #vracrypto #bitcoin #metaverse
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As the channel name suggests I am a crypto tenderfoot, my aim is to provide a channel that offers true crypto experiences from someone that is learning within the space daily. Learning how to read the charts has become my favourite thing to do and has helped me a lot within the space.

In no way is this financial advice just what I am thinking and doing personally. Please seek financial advice from a professional.

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2 gedachten over “VERASITY & HBAR CHART LOOKS POSITIVE. 📈 #verasity #vra #crypto #hbar #hederahashgraph #bitcoin”

  1. Do you think the market is swinging around ? is the altcoin season about to start?

  2. Awesome video, my personal view is, I think there could be a bit if a breakout for altcoins possibly by the 1 st week of April ,Go VRA 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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