VERASITY Gearing Up for MASSIVE Future Move!?! (VRA Crypto)

laatste update: 08-2022

Verasity may potentially be on the cusp of an massive move coming into the future. As the crypto space and the metaverse continue to grow only time will tell!

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0:00 Intro
2:26 VRA Staking Extension
3:33 Verasity Road Map
4:37 BrightCove Investor Relations
6:17 BCOV sec Filing Info
11:20 BrightCove Inside Trade Activity
14:42 Possible Microsoft Connections
18:34 BlackRock Crypto Exploration
20:29 Verasity Forbes Mention
22:01 Verasity NASDAQ Mention
24:52 BlackRock Metaverse
25:43 GrayScale Digital Exploration
26:21 Verasity Twitter
27:10 Personal Twitter
27:58 VRA Price Potential
32:18 Multiple Exchange Listings
35:41 VRA Chart Analysis
42:24 Personal Predictions
42:38 Conclusion

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  1. Haaa. I see my tweet asking is 5 dollars is possible in your video. Well I’m convinced it is and it’ll be life changing. Even if it only reached 1/5 of 5 dollars.

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