Verasity Cryptocurrency: Does VRA Crypto have another MOONSHOT coming? Let’s check it out & SEE!

I analyze VRA Crypto in this video to determine if a potential moonshot could be coming with stop-loss, etc. Thanks for watching.

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10 gedachten over “Verasity Cryptocurrency: Does VRA Crypto have another MOONSHOT coming? Let’s check it out & SEE!”

  1. Great stuff Greg
    Is there any chance you could do SLP

    Hoping to see a vid of it from
    You soon

  2. Let's assume Vra on the 5th wave hits the box .07 to .11 cents and afterwards you say VRA will come back down. My question, if VRA's Verviews is taking off wouldn't this stop the move back down? I guess my question is shouldn't one look at what's causing VRA to pump and just not chart analysis?

  3. $VRA is good for the crypto community and aims to fight against bots and scammers such as 'Brenda' below. 👍

  4. …oh and thanks for another great video Greg. Love your work and analysis. Cheers

  5. Great video. Verasity has patented Proof of view technology & will be huge for online advertising fraud. They have only max 20b tokens. Rest are marker tokens & never released into market

  6. "What would you do if you weren't afraid." –Spencer Johnson

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