US-British Strikes on Yemen Seek to Provoke Wider War with Iran

-US-British strikes on Yemen have predictably only escalated regional tensions;

-Yemen has been targeted for years not only by US-British backed Saudi air and missile strikes, but also a multi-year, Saudi-led ground invasion, neither of which impacted Ansar Allah’s military capabilities;

– US-British strikes on Yemen have only made passage through the Red Sea more dangerous, delaying by many months the possibility of commercial shipping returning to the route;

– US policy papers have laid out the ultimate objective for the region is removing Iran as a competitor through regime change using covert action within Iran while undermining Iranian allies across the region;

– Rather than attempting to de escalate and stabilize the region, it is clear the US is determined to do exactly the opposite, ultimately hoping to draw Iran into a direct confrontation;


NEO – US-British Attacks on Yemen a Portent for Wider War (January 16, 2024):

CNN – US and UK carry out strikes against Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen (January 12, 2024):

NY Times – Army Special Forces Secretly Help Saudis Combat Threat From Yemen Rebels (2018):

Guardian – ‘The Saudis couldn’t do it without us’: the UK’s true role in Yemen’s deadly war (2019):

Vox – The US may still be helping Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war after all (2021):

Euronews Business – Red Sea trade route still months away from safety, says Maersk boss (January 12, 2024):

BBC – Biden says US strikes on Houthis in Yemen have not stopped Red Sea attacks (January 19, 2024):

Reuters – US personnel suffer minor injuries in Iraq base attack: U.S. official (January 21, 2024):

Defense News – Patriot missile defense systems now active in Iraq, say US officials (April 2020):

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  1. So where are the climate change ESG acolytes?
    No word on carbon pollution when it comes to the world’s MI Complexes.

    But you need to drive electric vehicles and live in 15 minute cities as a regular citizen.

    All B.S.

  2. Has anyone (seen) Lloyd Raytheon Austin AKA Dark Vader yet?

  3. Do you want to know who the elites are? Who actually dominate and run the USA, and by extension the entire world?

    Pam Ho – War of the Worlds The New Class. Google it. It explains everything.

  4. Anṣār Allāh seem to first military power to hit an American, military ship, even during the Russian VS US.NATO/ Ukraine no US military ships hit

  5. Lavrov the Giant vs. Blinken the Worm, a KO in the First Round!

    Moscow has never closed the door to dialogue to end the Ukraine conflict, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday, reiterating that the country's key goal remains stopping NATO’s unchecked expansion towards its borders.

    Lavrov rejected a recent claim by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who alleged that Moscow has shown no “willingness… to engage, to negotiate in good faith” to end the conflict with Kiev.

    “It’s not true,” Lavrov stressed, adding that Russia has always been ready to discuss “any serious proposal” that addresses the situation on the ground and the root causes of hostilities. Moscow is also willing to reach a solution “which would guarantee legitimate national interests of Russia and the Ukrainian people,” the diplomat stated.

    Lavrov reiterated that Russia is prepared to listen to anyone interested in establishing “justice” in relations between Moscow and Kiev. He insisted, however, that this would require the West to stop its policy of “using Ukraine as an instrument of war against Russia.”

    Lavrov recalled that Russia has long voiced concerns about NATO expansion. “The goal is very simple… we’ve been warning publicly since 2008… that NATO’s expansion against all promises [to Russia and the Soviet Union]… was going too far,” he said. – RT

  6. Just listening to me talk one time is enough to ruin your entire life , thats what they did to us

  7. Great Detailed Report on Major Russian Ops by Dima from Military Channel!

    The Russians conducted a brilliant operation, massive missile strike – Military Summary 1/24/23

  8. Can we please continue to use the term "Iran backed Houthis"? I am so accustomed to it.

  9. Major Breakthroughs as AFU Defense Collapses in Avdeevka

    Firstly, Ukrainian comms were intercepted in the south of Avdeevka around this Tsar’s Hunt area. The exchanges point to heavy problems, a lot of dead and wounded amongst the AFU, as well as anger and disagreement with the command staff:

    Secondly, as Russian forces moved up, several batches of AFU surrendered, seemingly corroborating the disintegration of their lines hinted at in the radio exchanges above. Here, the Russian 80th Regiment troops of the 90th Guards Tank Division take in their haul of POWs in Avdeevka:

    There’s potential that this could domino into a huge collapse of several at-risk cauldrons which are now forming for the AFU.

    Russian troops have moved along Yasinovskaya toward the west, and now along the Tsar’s Hunt nearby. This has created a small cauldron in the center that can potentially be collapsed.

    In the south, the entire area north of the missile defense can potentially be collapsed and taken over.

    Here’s why that could bring AFU close to losing Avdeevka.

    It should also be mentioned all the areas being captured behind the Tsar’s Hunt are on high-ground, which is giving another advantage and likely contributing to the snowball effect of AFU’s collapse: And the Ukrainians bitterly admitted to Russia’s success here in their daily update:

    Lastly, there are also reports of advances on the eastern side of Avdeevka.

    Last time we spoke of the big Kharkov strike on French mercenaries. France tried to deny it, but oddly enough new information continues to trickle in reportedly confirming many of the names of deceased Frenchmen.

    Following this, Russia has now carried out a new devastating ballistic strike on the HQ of the Ukrainian 110th brigade in Mirnograd:

    Up to 40 AFU troops were said to have been eliminated, as reported by several Ukrainian sources including ex-Rada Deputy Ihor Mosiychuk:

    In the meantime, Russia gets stronger each day. A new batch of the latest 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV platforms was seen heading to the front, proving these systems are now in mass production as Russian defense officials promised last year:

    This is now the world’s most powerful and advanced artillery system. It has a totally new liquid-cooled barrel, and those big square blocks on the front are its own ballistic radar units which record the trajectories of each shot, calculating miniscule deviations from air pressure, wind, atmospherics, etc., and then automatically computing that into the next shot. It makes each subsequent shot more accurate than the last. But of course the biggest difference of all is the new barrel can handle far more powerful powder charges, which vastly increases its range. No one quite knows what it is for regular rounds, presumably 30-40km. But for special RAP rounds it’s reportedly in the 70-80km range, which would allow it to surpass any of the vaunted NATO weapons like the French Caesar, Phz 2000, etc., and more importantly fire from the deep rear where Ukrainian drones can’t reach.

    In a new interview, Zelensky ridiculously claimed that he doesn’t need a 500k man mobilization, and tried to pass that idea entirely off on ‘others’. It’s very clear he’s desperate to absolve himself of any of the most ‘difficult’ decisions which can be construed by society as justifications for his overthrow.

    Russian forces continue to deliver items to troops in the middle of trench assaults:

    More AFU were captured near Ugledar as well:

    There have been a lot of captures the past few days as Russian troops advance nearly everywhere.

    AFU’s head of aerial recon center for Berdiansk-in-exile says Russia is pulling away in drones and EW tech: – Simplicius

  10. UKRAINIANS SEND HUNGARIAN FM DEATH THREATS FOR REFUSING TO FUND WAR: Foreign Minister Szijjarto reveals "Ukrainian sources" threatening to MURDER him during meeting with Kiev cronies planned for January 29 (vid above). Foreign Minister's been promised "explosive reception" by anonymous Ukrainians, and even urged to "order coffin" so it’ll be ready for his body… Szijjarto’s being threatened all because Budapest refuses to take part in EU’s civilian-killing weapons transfers to Ukraine. – Intel Report

  11. TRUMP WON’T CHANGE RUSSIA-U.S. RELATIONS, BUSH JR. CEMENTED THEIR DESTRUCTION – LAVROV: Russian Foreign Minister schools CBS interviewer , chatting in English to explain that America’s "superiority complex" getting out of hand. Too late now for Washington after they ignored Putin’s goodwill in early 2000s – Lavrov adds U.S. politicians miscalculated Russian leader and now it’s up to them, not Moscow, to rethink relations. – Intel Report

  12. Absolutely. Neocons in Washington want war on Iran.

  13. I don't know who is doing the strategy for the US, but whoever it is doesn't appear to grasp the concept of being overstretched.

  14. Brilliant! Thank you! I'm reminded of the European fairy tale "Rumpelstiltskin." An ugly, mean, greedy little troll tries to blackmail a fair maiden who is able to spin straw into gold, and when he gets his comeuppance, in the end, he stamps the ground so hard in his rage he gets stuck into the ground and can't get out.

    Rumpelstiltskin = leaders of the U.S., Israel and assorted greedy midgets.

  15. The US will never have enough Patriot ADS because the US is the bad guy. They have conflict with everyone around the world.

  16. Great work like always ,the new atlas is really my atlas lol thx Brain my respect from Belgium 🇧🇪

  17. Brian talks like a Demiurge, a technologist of the processes of the functioning of the Universe – coolly and confidently.

  18. Fact is certain major US issues are to core to be allowed much difference between the 2 political parties, so an there
    is a Uni-party issues no changes allowed. That's why nothing of importance ever changes The script is set in stone!
    Congress is just a acting job, that's why Reagan and Trump were unbeatable, professional actors!

  19. 'Fatuous appeals to "international law" from enablers of genocide! 90K Gaza casualties, but [to stop] bloodless interruption of shipping is top priority!?” Clare Daly

  20. Electing this next president ( which is looking more and more likely to be Trump, hence all the lawsuits. ) won't help, but I think it's going to break the last part of the "veil" so to speak. Much love and keep up the good work <hugs>

  21. Brian.. I will always be one of your fans… you do this so perfectly..thank you for doing this to share the truth

  22. Thank you so much you are on the right side of history via con Dias

  23. It is clear US is set to loose. Come on, they are being dragged into a war with 35m nation filled with mountains and desert.
    I guess Afghanistan loss did not teach US anything.

  24. Brian, what's your opinion – why Saleh al-Arouri was in Hezbollah-controlled area, given that Iran is not regional power staying behind Hamas?

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