URGENT!!! AMP Token Does What We Said! What Happens NEXT?

AMP absolutely SMASHED the fibonnaci retracement zone once we got a breakout confirmation, at a HEAD-SPINNING speed. Then, we started painting a HUMONGOUS red candle. What does it MEAN? Let’s dive in on the daily, hourly, and 15 minute charts, and find our footing in this EXTREMELY volatile price action together!

28 gedachten over “URGENT!!! AMP Token Does What We Said! What Happens NEXT?”

  1. I'm surprised people post about amp. I should of bought 10 k worth of amp.

  2. Thank you and please keep us updated about this coin Amp

  3. no one is talking about amp… bigtime sleeper right hurrrr

  4. I bought amp below a penny just for the phuk of it. Didn’t think it will rise!!!! Awesome.

  5. 2 months ago I bought 2 million coin. hope AMP will hit 0.50cent sooner

  6. What is it about AMP that makes it different from other cryptos, and gives it a chance of rising above other currency?

  7. What’s your price prediction for AMP at the end of this Bull market?

  8. SUUUUUUUP. AMP buyer here at like 3.X cents. Whats good boys. Should I HODL? It's not financial advice!

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