**UPDATE** SafeMoon Orbital Shield

SafeMoon has released an update on the progress of the Orbital Shield.

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26 gedachten over “**UPDATE** SafeMoon Orbital Shield”

  1. Do you think we will have the card or anything else delivered before the end of this year now?

  2. Thank you for your videos crypto atlas. Been supporting your channel for awhile now. Great job bring Safemoon info.

  3. hard to believe anybody still follows this turd and that there is someone out there who still makes videos on it. Unbelievable. 103 views says it all…

  4. I have a better name for Orbital Shield. What do you think of "Orbital Clown" or "Gutter Shield" or "Gutter Clown Shield" or "Shit Coin Shield". What do you think?

  5. Samemoon to get delisted from Safemoon Swap. You heard it here first.

  6. If Safemoon needs 5 extra years to release Exchange and Blockchain, I'm staying patient and bullish. Better take your time then get it wrong.

  7. Safemoon still taking holder's money. Scam tokens on swap tanking as insiders laugh.

  8. Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior. Growing money is knowledge.

  9. Orbital Shield will be marketed to other wallet holders on other chains to protect ALL crypto assets, IMO

  10. Dude I like your channel but some times you come off at times like you're whining because Safemoon doesn't pick you to help out

  11. Orbital Sheild is not working? 😬😮‍💨😪🤮🤢😴🥶😥😢😭😱😨😰

  12. Do a video on why most people are getting error an not able to get their wallet are update it.

  13. The wallet orbital shield 🛡 is protecting user from using their wallet, good job Safemoon 👏. You are totally protected from everyone having any access, especially users.

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