Tyrann is STILL making “business decisions” on the Saints! Mecole’s miscues and more Chiefs news

Your daily Chiefs news featuring Brett Veach proving himself right about Tyrann Mathieu, Odell, a week 7 injury report and more
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0:00 – CMC Signed to 49ers
1:26 – 49ers Injury Report
2:53 – Chiefs Injury Report
4:47 – Wolverines and NO retirement
6:24 – Current Playoff Picture
6:59 – Rich Eisen says Odell to KC
9:15 – Skyy season soon?
10:09 – Should Mecole Dive?
11:35 – Tyrann’s Business Decisions

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Russell Wilson says he has Wolverine Blood

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Rich Eisen on WHY Odell should sign with KC Chiefs

Tyrann Mathieu’s Business Decisions with the Saints

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30 gedachten over “Tyrann is STILL making “business decisions” on the Saints! Mecole’s miscues and more Chiefs news”

  1. I think a business decision Mathieu played better than Reid has this year and I thought Mathieu played pretty bad. But it’s early still so maybe he’ll change my mind

  2. You were in RARE form in this one 🤣🤣🤣…. Made my sides hurt with the Chicken wing and Blood Magic!

  3. I ❤️ how Spags tried to downplay the return at first, then lit up like a Christmas tree while describing Willie’s energy (“…100 miles an hour!”). He’s just sooooo Mr “Not-fer-nuttin’” 🥳

  4. Listen man, it's your channel, but I watch to hear about the Chiefs. Not you malding about Tom Brady. Why bring up his personal life? Kinda cringe and you should do better!

  5. Cole, not to take anything away from your very level-headed intelligent football acumen, but your sarcastic comedy leaves me laughing harder than any current comedian. Your show is spectacular!!!

  6. Mitch's comments about Justin Reid and the Honey Badger were spot on. Like you said.. thank you HB for the help you gave us, but yeah he seems like last year and continuing into this year, he just isn't the same anymore. Like where is that Honey Badger attitude? Go hit someone and lay down the smack on the field instead of twitter etc.

  7. Honey badger isn't the badger anymore he's older and scared to tackle

  8. The NFL is a game of today. You could of had an MVP game yesterday, but you need to do it today. The Badger was a bad man a couple of years ago, but today?? Good business decision by Veach.

  9. Tyrann was doing that crap all last year. On run plays I always noticed he was standing back and never gave 100%

  10. Kelec will light him up ether way he can knock ball down still

  11. An entire draft class for a guy who hasn't finished a season because injury.. INSANE

  12. In no way do I (or the Chiefs) miss Honey Bad. His tackling last year was nearly nonexistent as he seemed to focus more on stripping the ball from the opponent's hands as opposed to delivering a solid hit and bringing the opponent down. He was clearly making a business decision to stay healthy and live to play in the future than in the present.

    So, Honey Bad, Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey hey hey, Kiss my ass goodbye.

  13. Mecole has to go can't catch , and we need a real deep threat

  14. First, I’ve been saying the same thing about Hardman – how can his Mahomes connection still be so lacking??!! I think Skyy Moore will be edging Hardman out soon, and I hate saying that cuz l love Mecole’s personality, but it’s not a personality contest. And I think Moore has as much connection as Hardman at this point. I also agree about Matthieu…. he gets thanks for helping us, but when any player stops giving their all, all teams have to move on, not just Chiefs. And tbh, I love Justin Reid’s positive energy, his versatility (thanks for the huge Butker fill in!), and his great ability as Safety, along with his leadership. Reid was a great get for the Chiefs! I do trust in Veach!

  15. Are the 49ers gonna trot out McCaffrey in Sunday's game? What is the deal with Chris Conley and Marcus Kemp?

  16. #1. Big💪Boss.
    Go! Chiefs. I know you got this 👍

  17. I have often noticed that many balls are juuuuust out of reach if hardman and then when you look at the replay you see he doesn’t ever extend/dive on those…it’s as if he thinks he’s going to catch it. Perhaps his depth perception is off or has a minor vision issue. It’s not unheard of in baseball, guys going in for lasic or sonething. Maybe this needs to be looked into


  19. I don't miss Tyrann at allll. I knew he was making business decisions his last year so f him. He junk

  20. Really good video all around. Especially for the apology to green screen man. Most people don’t say nothing and let there ego take over lol.

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