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👉 Tron(TRX): What is TRON (TRX)? (EXPLAINED)
Tron (TRX) is a blockchain-based platform that seeks to decentralize the internet, or rather content-sharing on the internet, ensuring that artists, musicians, author and any general content creator can release their content without having to use a middle company, be it Amazon, YouTube, Apple, or Facebook.

The digital currency was created by 27-year-old Justin Sun, a self-proclaimed protegé of Alibaba chief executive and billionaire Jack Ma. He has amassed 350,000 Twitter followers, promoting the coin to both its loyal followers and investors, as well as to the wider cryptocurrency community. Justin Sun comes with a strong background as he previously worked for another fledgling cryptocurrency, Ripple (XRP).
Young Justin Sun, who has an insanely impressive background for someone at any age, let alone at 27, has been at the forefront of tron from the beginning. He started off with the Peiwo app which already has 10 million users and became the first live streaming app to receive cryptocurrency and is currently one of the leading members of the online audio content community.
Forbes listed Sun as 30 under 30 in Asia and Jack Ma – the founder of Ali baba handpicked Justin Sun to study at the prestigious Jack Ma Hupan University, which has a lower acceptance rate than Princeton. Justin Sun also graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a M.A in east Asia studies, allowing him to come from a strong educational background. While the relationship between Ali Baba and Tron is still unclear, some of the top developers are leaving Alibaba to go to Tron, which makes the issues even more clouded.
Tron currently has a market cap of almost $6 billion, and It is mostly bought with Bitcoin or Ethereum on the Tokyo-based exchange Binance. The coin began life in September, trading at just a tenth of a penny. During the last crypto bull-run it had soared past the 30 cent mark, before dropping back to as low as 4 cents, because of a wider market crash and founded fear that South Korea is placing a ban on cryptocurrency.
From a developer’s standpoint, Tron is also special because it allows the use of any high-level language for smart contracts. This means developers in the future will be able to use whichever programming language they prefer to build on top of the open-software design.
In July of 2018, Tron was successfully able to acquire bittorrent, A p2p software that many people are familiar with. Which led to the development of Bittorrent token or B T T on the tron network, a new token that would reward users who would seed files on the p2p network, A major issue that had been effecting the content availability through the p2p network for years. This can be viewed as TRON’s first serious attempt to tokenize its BitTorrent content-sharing platform. Moreover, this would not be any small feat, as the service reportedly touts over 100 million users.
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