TRON Will Shock the World…Here’s Why! | TRON TRX Price Prediction

In this video I talk about all things Tron Network – TRX!

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20 gedachten over “TRON Will Shock the World…Here’s Why! | TRON TRX Price Prediction”

  1. Bro, want more viewers? Keep it serious, lose the side "jokes". Appreciate the info vids. Keep them coming. 👊

  2. I’ll consider it because I don’t want my gf to have a bf, but I was never much of a fan of Tron. Maybe because if Justin Sun in the old days. But I trust your analysis so I’ll watch out for it.

  3. Sometimes I just make random comments on smaller crypto YouTubers that I like to help their algo.

  4. I spent too many hours making sure my crypto portfolio was ready today and it was time well spent.

  5. Ever look at the small caps on Solana ecosystem? They should do well. Tc bro

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