TRON TRX Crashes!!! TRON’s Stablecoin De-Pegs!!! Sell TRX Crypto Now?

laatste update: 08-2022

TRON TRX Crashes!!! TRON’s Stablecoin De-Pegs!!! Sell TRX Crypto Now?

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Here at HueFin News we will show you that you do not need to buy expensive charting software or use indicators to understand where the market is going. The cryptocurrency market, stock market, and commodities market all speak through the charts. It is a language and it is spoken through volume and bars.

It is our purpose to give you market analysis and news that is not confusing.

In order to be a profitable trader you have to PREDICT with HIGH CONFIDENCE where price is LIKELY to move. Understanding market language will allow you see where price is going to move with high precision.

That’s why we are giving you news (before it happens) according to the charts.

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6 gedachten over “TRON TRX Crashes!!! TRON’s Stablecoin De-Pegs!!! Sell TRX Crypto Now?”

  1. Hue. can you take a quick look at Apecoin and let me know if you think it's still going down further. It looks like decent volume at the moment. also Apefest is coming soon. do you think that will have a positive affect on the coin. Thanks for all of your efforts 😊

  2. Don’t really understand why y’all making a big deal about nothing. USDC is never a solid dollar, the fiat dollar is never a solid dollar. So it might be more or less wow we’re in a bear market that spiraling down you can’t claim anything

  3. This is so ridiculous. TA on a project that is fighting for its life with unpegged USDD. TA completely pointless. This is about the fundamentals and macro economic picture.

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