TRON Founder Justin Sun on FTX Fallout

Justin Sun, TRON Founder, Huobi Global Advisor, and Ambassador of Grenada to the WTO, discusses the fallout for FTX and how he might help the troubled crypto exchange. Plus, what the FTX collapse means for the wider crypto industry.

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  1. These ppl have no brain, still buying more coins? After all these scammer are taking your money and run away? Stop buying these coins bs… if you must then just buy a bitcoin nothing else

  2. I don't understand all those Creators in crypto are a bunch of teenagers.
    They are the one leading the new world now. Those kids are talking about billions. Lol The old people don't have a clue about what's going on mow. They are smart like I don't know, they are the new leader of the world. It look like a new generation with a new type of brain neurons. We better treat them well. Some are even 14 years old and they are already counting millions from their bedroom from their parents home. They are between 14 and 29 years old and they are genius
    We better watch out baby boomers.

  3. Yet another loony he doesn’t quite understand the situation and what has happened

  4. Justin sun, another Cunt, who is going to rob everybody

  5. All you guys that got beat should have known by this time that these exchanges and coin programs do get greedy and will be tempted just like onecoin,bitcooonect,that little shit from Canada and so on.
    When these places are basically running it with family and friends it's easier to beat and run.
    I bet that Sam has stacked plenty of gold bars. He's not broke.

  6. another shit coiner is gonna save the other shit coiner, sound familiar?

  7. Did he just say he can manipulate the price and buy some coin to stabilize the price?

  8. I'm skeptical of very young entrepreneurs in crypto from now on. Their interviews are full of youthful energy. Nobody knows what other intentions lurks in those beautiful minds.

  9. This scammer sold FTX victims his shitcoin for 10x the price, so they could get some of their money out. Shameful reporting

  10. Real power brokers have installed these nerds. They are just frontmen.

  11. Why did FTT jump in price when Justin announced the partnership? It is good news, but the company is in such a situation that I reckon no one would actually buy FTT because of the partnership.. and how does Justin Sun make a profit from this?

  12. No one will buy ftx – but people would buy the assets – if there are any left.

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