Top 5 Low Cap BNB Chain Tokens!!

Hey crypto friends! There are literally a ton of great crypto projects on the BNB Chain, and I could only pick a handful of them, so in this video I share 5 low cap BNB Chain tokens that have some awesome utility behind them and it can only be assumed that they’ve got some great long-term price potential as well!


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Why do I love MEXC? I’m a huge altcoin nerd and MEXC has over 1,000 different altcoins for me to trade at any given time. In addition, the trading fees are pretty cheap, and they also allow me to trade both the crypto futures market and the crypto spot market as well.

(Disclosure: The link above to the MEXC crypto exchange is an affiliate link and I earn a commission when you sign up and trade with this link.)


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  1. Friend Gareth, great reviews but GLQ graphlinq seems a better low caps utility potential project!

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