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laatste update: 08-2022

Well this video is very important and it can be beneficial for long-term even for next 6 year In this video I am going to explain you about best coins for long term investment that you can buy now and hold for next even 5 years or 10 years, these coins have potential for giving you profit even in next some months but you still need to hold for a long time to get maximum profit.

We all want to know few cryptocurrency we can hold for a long term to gain the most benefits from them. I have made a list of my top 5 Crypto for a long term. I might be wrong I might be right only time will tell if we have taken the right decision or not.

You can watch all my other videos to understand about how to invest in Cryptocurrency wisely and learning very easy ways You will find best guide for cryptoCurrency for beginners that will not waste your time in learning it will guide you to just start Trading without learning.

If you already learn about how to start cryptocurrency without learning by watching over videos so now it’s time to learn about crypto investing for beginners this is very important thing when you start up You must need to know some basic cryptocurrency coins that can stay longer.

There are many CRYPTO channels in Pakistan but you will find us easiest teaching about CryptoCurrency in Pakistan in very easy way very easy method by binance complete tutorial in Urdu by CRYPTOCURRENCY expert in Pakistan Usman Hussain owning this so informative channel Al Makkah tech and business hub

The most asked question in cryptocurrency beginners is crypto trading kaise kare or bitcoin se paise kaise kamaye So in our channel you are going to get complete Cryptocurrency course in Urdu.


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  1. عثمان بھائی میں اپکی ہر ویڈیو دیھکتا ہو میں اپسے ایک سوال کیا تھا جیس کا جواب آپ نے ابھی تک نہی دیا لونہ کلاسیک کے بارے کہ کیا اوپر جایے گا کہ نہی

  2. XRP coin long time kayliye buy kar sakty han? App ny uskay bary mn khaa thaa kay long term kayliye buy Karna chiye

  3. السلام علیکم بھائی جان کیا حال ہے ٹھیک ٹھاک ہو اچھا بھائی جان ایک برائے مہربانی ویڈیو بنا دیں binance Visa Card
    کے بارے میں اس کا کیا فائد اور کیا نقصان ہے کیا یہ لینا چاہیے یا نہیں

  4. Dear Usman Sahab plz share ur valuable opinion about movement of ustc according to market/btc.
    I mean how ustc work.
    Will be waitin for ur kind response.

  5. Assalamualaikum Usman Bhai Mashallah Dill khush kr dia apny bs 1 hafty ma 1&2 videos aesi bna dia krein shukria Ab aaap bhol na jana

  6. Sarmya he ni ra usman bahi crypto sab ko ngl gei koi free web btain ta k kuch earn kr k dobara entry ly sko.

  7. Thanks for the video, it was interesting! Could you make a video about the BOT token? I have been watching the dynamics for a long time, in my opinion it looks quite promising, now they have a lot of new services and products that were quite difficult for me to figure out, so I would like to hear your opinion)

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