Top 3 coins in December. Chainlink | Litecoin | Matic. Price prediction | Bull Run 2021

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Alt coins season is around the corner. We discuss three coins that you may consider buying:

1) Matic /Polygon
2) Litecoin
3) Chainlink

Time Stamps:
00:42 Polygon/Matic
02:00 Looking at the Log Charts
03:40 Price Prediction
04:21 Is it worth investing into Polygon/Matic
07:30 Litcoin
08:00 Looking at Fibs.
11:31 Price prediction
15:06 ChainLink
15:55 Looking at the charts
16:10 Why I am buying Chainlink?
18:17 Are we going to pump or dump?
19:00 What will staking do to chainlink?
23:00 Going to the Moon
24:00 Strategies in crypto.
24:31 What you should do next?
26:00 Why are we selling Mana and Sand?
27:10 Final Thoughts

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