Top 3 Altcoins With 100x Potential in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

Today I’m talking about Top 3 Altcoins that look extremely promising. Also, as usually I look at crypto market, give Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) technical analysis.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:14 Market Update
1:24 BTC Charts
2:28 ETH Charts
3:17 Verasity (VRA)
5:46 Utrust (UTK)
7:37 KeeperDAO (ROOK)

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30 gedachten over “Top 3 Altcoins With 100x Potential in 2022”

  1. VRA is going to be huge. I’m surprised it’s not talked about more amongst the big youtubers

  2. We are the lucky ones who are in "early", or at least earlier than 90% of the population. Let this down market be the time where you take advantage of the lows that will soon be too late to get into. Thank you so much for the continued support, let us know down in this comments section what you want to see next. ROAD TO 200K

  3. Vechain, VRA, LINK, XRP. Keep it simple. DCA. Hodle. And you’ll be good.

  4. I would like to see comparison between HBAR and XRP, which is better?

  5. Have a look at unbound finance. Truelly a real top 10 defi coin. Tge will be this year, the team is working on it since 2018 and have a loom in the people backing it..✌

  6. Last night I watched a dave chapelle 40 minute comedy special. It was hilarious but I didn’t audibly laugh once.

    When I heard your outro music I CRACKED up. That does not fit you guys at all. But it’s hilarious.

  7. I wrote back-and-forth with VRA after trying to make some sense of how it actually works. I did not get satisfactory answers and it seems way too complicated for people to use easily. As for Utrust, you call it the PayPal of crypto but you do not tell us why you think it is superior to the 1000 other crypto payment coins and platforms out there. Many with a distinct head start. So what makes it different? What gives it the advantage? Why do you not tell us this in your summation? Would love to know.

  8. watch out for $phr , its the next coin to make a massive move to hit x100 soon and brings more gain to all holders

  9. 🚀Huge influencer marketing list before and after presale!🚀

    July 23rd – Biggest Presale of the year!!!

    🙏 $egoD 🙏
    🐕 Doge Reversed ◀️

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    ✅ Cancer donation wallet in honor of Sporkli

  10. VRA definitely with Esport and POV😍… Huge market audience!

  11. VRA & TRIAS is everyone favourite combo ( including me 🤪)

  12. VET VRA DEXA CNS GDR 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  13. Let me help you all out. Covid isn't going anywhere anytime soon. So restrictions will remain. So guess what that means. MORE STREAMING ESPORTS. People watching live streams because they're stuck at home. If you don't see the potential in VRA well I honestly don't know what else to tell you. Good luck with whatever you invest in.

  14. because of this video i bought VRA . since then im up x6
    still holding, and thanks for the advice

  15. How much will utk go this yr 2022 by February any ideas

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