Top 10 Crypto Miner Earnings 2023

My earnings from 10 crypto mining projects/tokens on 25th may 2023. The earnings are shown and listed according to dollar value earned per day and not ROI. If the list were according to ROI the list would be different. All these miners are low-powered crypto miners that generate me passive income without me needing to do anything. All of these miners are also silent expect for the evergreen miner which makes a little noise. I am also showing the silencio crypto app.

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🔵 New Ethereum Classic node – $116 per month
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🔵 Fry Satellite miner

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🔵Geodnet Hyfix satellite miner

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🔵 NEO MXC & Dogecoin miner

✅ $25 Discount Code: AFFILIATE_2731

🔵 Evergreen chia miner

✅ $10 Discount Code: NORDIC

🔵 Heatbit: Heater that mines Bitcoin

✅ 5% Discount code: heat50

🔵 Drive-to-earn MapMetrics SPT miner:

🔵 M2 Pro Miner

✅ $100 Discount Code: AFFILIATE_3482948

🔵 Tangem wallet

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🔵OneKey wallets
✅15% discount using link below

🔵 VPN miner: Deeper Network

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Featuring the highest earning crypto miner 2023.
This video is showing the
m2 pro miner earnings
matchx neo miner earnings
fry miner earnings
evergreen miner earnings
geodnet miner earnings
planetwatch miner earnings
crankk miner earnings

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  1. I’ve been out earning these miners with an old smartphone mining Nodle for the last few weeks. Don’t waste your money on hardware.

  2. Now with the recent economy,To get financial FREEDOM you have to be making money while you’re asleep

  3. Sie arbeiten 40 Jahre lang, um im Ruhestand 1 Million US-Dollar zu haben. In der Zwischenzeit investieren einige Leute nur ein paar Monate lang nur 10.000 US-Dollar in eine Meme-Münze und sind jetzt Multimillionäre.

  4. Crypto rules 99.99% money of investor going to 0.01% as profile

  5. Warning, these miner projects are usually to profit from the miners themselves and the projects have no real utility for the data. Especially MXC is very unreliable.

  6. I am thinking of buying some of these cheap helium miners to mine Crankk when they officially launch. Can you recommend me a specific brand? There are so many now, it really confuses me when choosing what to buy.

  7. EDIT: I have removed some of the miners from this video due to them now being too misleading.

  8. Colleague, which miner has the fairest price and has the best yield in your honest and real opinion?

  9. Don't waste your money on any of this. The only coins worth anything are ETH and BTC.

  10. Great video really. For the newbie if you are actually trading in the crypto space and you don't have a sound mentor. Then you are certainly going to get liquidated in 90% of your trades. Yeah that's the sad truth. For a start you need a good and experienced hand to guide you. Trust me, trading isn't difficult as we see it. Recently had family members ask me where to begin learning how to get started and Gustavo Hillard my investment advisor is perfect. Definitely recommend and his trade strategy works in every region. Very helpful for beginners.

  11. am happy to be part of this investment hacker lord change my life for good ❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊😊0

  12. With Planets tokens – anytime something requires a 'license', you know it's sus. They want you to pay for a air sensor costing hundreds of dollars and a 'license'? Yeah, this token is going nowhere.

  13. Great video! Well I'm so happy I made the best decisions by having a good investment. Recently, I'm able to acquire my third house even at my age and I believe if things keep going well I would retire early

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