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  1. You just eliminated the criminal banking system!!!!! BRAVO CHARLES!! Nominating YOU for The Nobel Peace Prize!!!! BRAVO Sir!!!

  2. This is fine or the Financial Sector.

    Q? how about think including Main St. Industry 4.0 sector as well, like touchless gas or electricity charge payments for vehicles by the vehicle in 'roll in, roll out", 'unattended' use cases on Main St. , etc.., ie IOTA w/ #Tangle proof via IOTA Oracle/bridge to ADA and back again (burn cIOTA to redeem ADA Service operators earn the fee ), where any IOTA SC w/ o w/o optional TX fees, optionally paid in IOTA can get wrapped by cIOTA , and fees paid in ADA when redeemed/burned..,

    As a I understand the fire hose logic in this video…

    in a sense this type of tx can also serve to facilitate debt/loan collateralisation' , ie the Holder/operator of a Main St. Revenue stream can offer a guarantee 20% revenue from those 6 EV charging stations for the next 2 months and in return those ADA Service Operators can open up a connection to their oracle/bridge to accept a portion of that revenue stream in the way of IOTA SCs valued in MIOTA, which can be converted/burned/redeemed in ADA to retire the Debt balance of an ADA loan needed by the 6 stn EV operator now, which that EV Charge Station operator can payout by auto sending through the oracle/bridge connection part of the revenue stream from the 6 EV charging stations (Essentially a lien contract on future revenue) over the next 4 months because where the SCs operating on each of the 6 EV Charge Stations Send part of the revenue to the Oracle/Bridge guaranteeing the payout to the ADA loan provider etc..

    lots of possibilities, details of which would have IOTA SC contains logic including proof which can be imported into the c(ardano)IOTA wrapper operating on ADA POS DL to control the behavior of the cIOTA burn/redemption… in realtions to the ADA Loan SC controlled terms

  3. So this guy is hacking other Youtube accounts to spread his livestreams around? Or is someone doing this without him knowing? Someone needs to look into this, someone is running a scam here.

  4. Charles I have seen some scam looking videos asking people to send ADA to receive twice as much, I've reported the videos but didn't know how else to get this inform you/others about this. They have made fake Cardano and CardanoAda channels. 😔

  5. Charles youtube has several live videos scamming people using your videos right now

    If you search Cardano and use the upload date, they’re everywhere
    I can only imagine how many people are getting robbed

  6. The ITN seems as if it will be in competition to ADA? Payment in native assets means people that stake ADA are diluted with a bunch of native tokens many will be scams (if ERC 20 are anything to go by) and this takes away from ADA's value. How is any of this good for Cardano? The cross-chain interoperability is great. We don't need rewards of a native token in the internet of blockchains plus it looks as if it requires a protocol agreement between the different chains, agreements such as burns and remittance, how will this be done in a decentralised way?

  7. Please tell me that the 500000 give away is a something you are doing. I just sent all I had that I have bought since I’ve been seeing your videos and they haven’t returned what I sent.

  8. primary secondary model as per architectural view is not a good idea. Too much of replication. I would favour the bridge model. Far better reuse of existing components and more scalable.

  9. One question i would ask at this moment (and I am sure you have already discussed before) is the following. So many chains have built upon ethereum smart contracts. Now how do these chains work with Cardano ecosystem and in a easier manner than with ethereum. An early stage discussion with ETH may be a good idea. In that way the ecosystem becomes much more interoperable and mature. Smaller chains may not need to maintain their own chain after all, but can reuse cardano for their purpose. That would give cardano the status of a protocol where everyone uses it to communicate, and not create one of their own.I come from Netherlands and there we follow the polder model, because the belief is that together we are better off than alone. So early negotiation goes a long way in fostering a mature ecosystem which is bullet proof.

  10. Just when you think your mind can't be blown any further, Charles does this!!! Mind blown again!!! You had me after the first whiteboard Charles and now you have done it again 👍

  11. Cardano, a system of interoperating systems. Cardano will enable the management and expansion of an assets sovereignty, as a condition of its normal operations. This has always been my vision and ambition for Cardano. How enormous. How exceptional. As an aside, sadly, I think Keiser has suffered a stroke or gone mental.

  12. This is my 3rd time watching studying taking notes. Charles is a genius pure genius!!! Taking what I learn and learn from you and putting it to work!!! The future looks REAL Bright!!! Thank you Cardano team and community!!! Cardano#1 💯👍

  13. This is how Ethereum got successful. Vitalik marketed and presented it on various platforms and often. Charles is doing the same and more. Communicating every chance he gets. Keeping people informed and and explaining via presentation. And, the idea appears to be superior. The sky is the limit 😳

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  15. why are you going on about this charles bro. why are u all loved up with litecoin. ergo is there and is been for months yet you not acknolege this. why is this

  16. Oneof Your best thank you Charles you humble me it would be wonderful to have a similar style blackboard to outline Hydra

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