This Is What Will Happen to SBF | Max Keiser Bitcoin

This Is What Will Happen to SBF | Max Keiser Bitcoin
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In this video, Max Keiser talks about the FTX collapse and what will happen to SBF in the future. According to Keiser SBF will not be punished for the scam on FTX and will become a celebrity just like the “Wolf of Wall Street”.

Timothy Maxwell “Max” Keiser (born January 23, 1960) is an American broadcaster and filmmaker. He hosted Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on RT that featured heterodox economics theories.

Alongside his wife Stacy Herbert, he co-hosted the Orange Pill Podcast, now renamed to Max & Stacy Report. Keiser is a Bitcoin maximalist who aims to educate the world about Bitcoin thus contributing to its adoption.

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  1. This kid I'm just lucky he comes from well known parents. But he should go to gym just like Bernie Madoff he made off with your money not mine. Coin desk that's the only thing I like happy New Year Max and Stacy many more.

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  3. Where's our $220,000 bitcoin Max? 🙄 Oh yeah, this guys got predictions

  4. Max is exactly right and he’s already told you exactly what happened to freed hill just via hero to the establishment and they’ll use them until they use them up someday we’re gonna get tired of it enough people will get tired of it and they’ll be no place for him to Hyde

  5. Now everybody knows what a shyster and a crook Mr. wonderful he is and so if business people keep doing business with him that’s their fault he’s not a shark he’s a lizard snake

  6. Sam, the bank man will be freed. Just listen, people will tell you what they're up to.

  7. So he gets to stay fat. At least in jail he might learn to use the bench press.

  8. "Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." _Wayne Dyer

  9. Kids will be kids and irresponsible. As kids parents will come to the rescue and not let them pay the penalty.

  10. Jesus, this guys parents are lawyers who taught finance compliance at University! Yes!

  11. Max Keiser = Bat Shit Crazy (… with a webcam and a closet)

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