This DEGEN Micro Cap Is The EASIEST 100X In Crypto! (Huge Potential)

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What is Shield Protocol?

Shield Protocol is First 2FA on Blockchain which integrates 2FA backup with Binance Smart Chain Mainnet, Polygon Mainnet, Fantom Opera Mainnet, KCC Mainnet, WANCHAIN and OPTIMISM Mainnet.

Users can backup and restore their 2FA accounts on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom Opera, KCC Chain, WANCHAIN and OPTIMISM Blockchains rather than centralized servers, which also facilitate NO personal data collection of users.

Shield Protocol App also includes multi chain wallet currently supporting BNB Chain, Polygon Chain, Avalanche Chain, Fantom Opera Chain, TomoChain, Ethereum, REEF Chain, Meter Chain, Kucoin Community Chain, WANCHAIN, Telos Chain, Arbitrum Chain and OPTIMISM.

Shield Protocol is taking on the likes of Authy and Google Authenticator — and offers security while eliminating data collection and centralized storage. A simple interface also means it’s a tool that will be accessible for everyday users.


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I am a young Crypto enthusiast and investor here to share projects and share my opinions.

I am not a financial advisor nor seek to provide financial advice. These videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only!

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25 gedachten over “This DEGEN Micro Cap Is The EASIEST 100X In Crypto! (Huge Potential)”

  1. Thank you bro! Gonna have to grind to get my hands on these gems!💪🏼

  2. I'm new to trading how can I make more profitable investment in market now without incurring much losses

  3. what fees are they referring too? it's used like bnb when trading?

  4. XEN and Pulse and PulseX and several other guaranteed winner low cap gems are always being ignored… i wonder why?

  5. this thing is trading all over the place right now. trust wallet and coin market cap cant even begin to keep up with the swings goin on.

  6. Great pick. You never disappoint Archie. Happy to be on your patreon, elite tier now but hope to move up asap

  7. Hey mate, I would love to hear about your loses. It would be a great learning process,Just being real.

  8. You know, with concerns over data privacy and security at an all-time high, CrustNetwork's decentralized storage network offers a much-needed solution. And with the upcoming bull run, investing in their native token $CRU is a great way to massively grow your crypto portfolio.

  9. This coin had a dump in a single day of 99.98% a few months ago, (9-March 2022) authentic garbage, normally in these cases what it means is that a few wallets have all the token, and as soon as they see enough money on top they will take it, I would not put a dollar here…

  10. Thank you so much got in after seeing your video and I'm up 40% this morning

  11. Infinity Box is another microcap gem with huge potential in my opinion 💎

  12. Wow awesome project, low marketcap is moving up, will 10x in no time

  13. God this coin is .22 cents right now. I want to pull my fing hair out. I have to wait 7 days to add the money i just put on coinbase to transfer to Coinbase wallet. Fml it might not ever go this low again 😢 lol

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