This CRYPTO Will 1000% Oscar Ramos BELIEVES it’s Possible

This CRYPTO Will 1000% Oscar Ramos BELIEVES it’s Possible

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I am NOT a Financial Advisor. This is NOT Financial Advice. This video is For Entertainment Purposes ONLY.
My Rules: 1) Do your own research. 2) Buy what you can afford losing. 3)Diversify your Money. Thanks For Watching!

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20 gedachten over “This CRYPTO Will 1000% Oscar Ramos BELIEVES it’s Possible”

  1. Since I started on crypto currency I invested $7,000 and my profit is $25,850 every 11days and I never lost my money on Crypto

  2. Are credit card unions safe as long as I have less then $250,000 there ? I'd also appreciate valid suggestions where to put the money substantial gains ,and as well hedge against soaring inflation

  3. Thank you carnal Oscar for always showing love for Tectonic👍👍👊 My Favorite Bank 🌋🏦🔥🔥🔥

  4. Cryptocurrency is booming, notably giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Yet, the market's rollercoaster nature is testing even the hardiest investors. Guidance from pros like KERRIE FARRELL is a beacon during these times. Her strategy has fueled my portfolio's fast-paced growth, netting me over 15Btc. Remember, in such a volatile arena, thorough analysis and astute decisions matter, and Kerrie is the mentor you need for triumph..

  5. I feel so motivated after watching this. You're amazing!

  6. Honestly Jupiter Crypto market cap 2 million dollars Coinbase is top holder in the Etherscan and the majority are holding and X Market Cap is 10 million dollars Both up by 100% and 200% what's a few hundred dollars it gets you know where but 100 of thousands of dollars gets you somewhere The only way to become Rich is by buying at the beginning and holding being patient if everyone held with X it would of been a 100 million dollars market cap in a few days, but unfortunately so many like to take a few hundred dollars then make 10 of thousands of dollars especially the ones Investing before it got a 50 billion dollars market cap would of profited the most, plus it would of gotten so many top whales Investing too even got like what Pepe had before 1.8 billion dollars market cap plus because of it's name x maybe even more, but unfortunately they like pennies in stead of 10 of thousands of dollars in profits

  7. I have a bag of tectonic and vvs , in 2022 tectonic and vvs dont have a ATH …. So i wait yo see where they go 🙃

  8. Thanks for the update.  <I will advise traders, especially newbies, to have an orientation of the market before getting involved. I must say trading offers more benefits than just holding on to assets, made 19bitcoin! despite price fluctuations all thanks to Cheryl Atonal for always keeping me ahead of the trend with her daily trade signals and insights

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