Bitcoin rallys past 21k as we head into Mid-Term Election, Polygon is up over 30% with all the partnerships, Andre Cronje from FTM might be back, GALA Games had a close call, and Wanchain launches it’s new XFLOW for it’s cross-chain bridge!

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00:00 INTRO
0:26 BTC Rallys over 21k
1:07 Polygon is up 30% with Whales buying
1:57 Fantom spikes 25% as Andre Cronje rumors spread
2:47 GALA Games hack & Rug
3:33 Wanchain launches XFLOW for cross-chain USDT

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27 gedachten over “THIS COIN IS SET TO MAKE BEAR MARKET MILLIONAIRES | Massive Fantom & Polygon PUMPS!”

  1. Where's Natalie where's Natalie where's Natalie where's Natalie where's Natalie😶😁😆😅

  2. You're lucky you have content because otherwise I would disconnect

  3. Yeah if you bought it when it was low that was stupid what you said if you had bought it back in early 2020 yeah it would meant millionaires of course not at this price unless you're a millionaire already and you put in a million dollars


  5. This tittle couldn’t be more fake and stupid – NO SUCH THING AS MAKE MILLIONAIRES WITH CRYPTO – such bullshit don’t fall for this tittle –

  6. Man…u gotta go micro coins..btc etc..lucky to double money or so..matic..nahh…I Pass..

  7. 10% made ppl millionares? You speech look so scripted like you read it….

  8. Investing in crypto currency is the best investment anyone can do This season because it has made a lot of people millionaires!! Once I lost 5 ETH. I WAS VERY ILL! But now i was taught how to protect my coins….see coinrevet…

  9. People have no clue about Wanchain, most don't even know the coin. They will all know when it will do 30X and they will buy.

    Load it before it gets popular among the community.

  10. I don't think Cody Buffington is 6'4" and only half a 6 pack. So more like Lowdy Nuffington. Or just use real name….

  11. "The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself." —Mark Caine

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  13. thanks for your video, the crito world is going to the moon, and with it $paw yes if you have more than 100 subscribers you can earn $paw

  14. i am just mad at myself for selling my 27000 Polygon at 0.37 at the peak of last bull run. I was not patient enough and right when i sold my bags, couple days later it went to a dollar. And i think it later peaked at 2.80 dollars. I knew it was a great investment, i just did a huge mistake. Now i can't afford to put in 27 to 30K to get my previous Polygon bag back. I was new in crypto around that time, i guess we learn every day. Now when i see a great investment i just buy and never sell 😂

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