“They’ve Been LYING To Us…” – Max Keiser Bitcoin | Ft Josue Lopez

β€œThey’ve Been LYING To Us…” – Max Keiser Bitcoin | Ft Josue Lopez

MAX & STACY REPORT [EP22] – Josue Lopez: the World’s First Official Bitcoin Diplomat


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  1. Where do you think Bitcoin is headed at the end of 2022?

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  5. Great educational content, as always. I appreciate the level-headed approach you take to the news and the markets. Most beginners believe that investing in crypto and stock is all about holding till it rises but that is absolutely wrong. Due to the recent crash in the market and recession we should know that long term price predictions are very difficult to achieve and are based on speculations. Therefore It's better to trade short or long term and make profit. Feven Lena got me covered as i am comfortably making up to 3.5 BTC monthly copying and applying her trade signals/strategy on my own trades.

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  11. Especially after the recent FTX collapse, more companies will be adopting Bitcoin now

  12. BTC is going up back, thats for sure. I ama going for a more interesting project $PAW

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  19. BTC is alway going to go up
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  20. Sometimes I really wondered how people make this huge profits investing on the stock market online, I agreed with you investing and earning is a legitimate way to gain financial freedom, but how is it done?


  22. Terra LUNA, FTX, 3AC, Alameda….. US Government is truly the biggest SCAMMER and manipulator around the globe!

  23. Max Keiser has known all along that cryptos are a hoax and a fraud.

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