The Zay Flowers fumble was INSTANT KARMA for taunting

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30 gedachten over “The Zay Flowers fumble was INSTANT KARMA for taunting”

  1. Hate the chiefs but hate the ratbirds even more if the Matt Canada Steelers can beat them then anyone else could I've been telling everyone ravens are frauds

  2. It was! I told everybody at the time Zay just F up. I knew Sneed or somebody wld make him pay for that. Thanks Zay!!!!

  3. Is nobody gonna talk about how he just spoke to Talor Swift lyric

  4. Even tho I'm a Ravens fan you guys deserved they 100% and zay flowers is young Antonio Brown

  5. It's rigged. Go to USArc News to see leaked commercial showing SF vs Bal in SB before playoffs. Canada tv showed too early. When fans asked about rigged games NFL flip the script replacing Ravens with Chiefs cuz it was their best option cuz of Taylor Swift fans for more ratings. Ravens had lame penalties drop passes not running the ball. Chiefs got away with everything. Det vs SF script played as is. Det leads 24-7 then fake flops ignoring FGs that could have helped them. It's all an act.. it's rigged.. ❀

  6. Both rice and Zay are rookies but the difference is the QBs and head coach… You didn't see rice act that way no way he was focused

  7. You got everything right. I am in total agreement. He was acting like a THUG!

  8. Apparently NO ONE had Lamar's back and forgot what they came for.

  9. Some people are too stupid to be considered human.

  10. What is ironic is many draft pundits had the Chiefs moving up last April at the 2023 draft to pick Flowers for WR improvement, oops.

  11. Idiot mode was activated when they close lined maholmes u don't trash talk kc we will get u

  12. Typical thuggish savagery behavior the reason why he keeps his own people down with this punkass behavior. Hold that L dummy you and lamar will never make a superbowl let alone win one you punk.

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