The Truth About the Safemoon Card | Safemoon Joe

This week has been a roller coaster, from losing influencers to amazing price action. In this video we talk about Safemoon Joe, the Safemoon Card, and what Safemoon holders have to know about the potential of the Safemoon Card. We have the strongest community and can really make this into something special. #safemoon #safemooncard #safemoonjoe

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30 gedachten over “The Truth About the Safemoon Card | Safemoon Joe”

  1. No point using the card…fees etc…fuck that…sfm are Now taking the piss out of the army…. its all bullshit…trying to ask us to get behind the card… you do know debit cards are free… yet we're asked to use this card joke!!

  2. Good ole Sfm Joe forgot his own words.
    We are early, the crypto market is still young. …..
    Sfm card may not be handy for everyone now, but in time it will be essential..
    Much respect to Sfm Joe but i think he is feeling some stress and frustrations atm.

  3. Safemoon is always gonna be Safemoon unless we do to zero. Who there when the dust settles is yet to be determined. I'll be there tho

  4. So your OK with SM controlling the price of SM, please think about what your saying, this is not why cryto exist.

  5. I think someone paid sfm joe to create FUD.. JOE SUCKS!

  6. Twoface Joe.
    Either you go to the moon a hero , or you hodl long enough to see yourself become the fudster

  7. I’m so glad you shaved that dang thing bro!!!!! Thank you Jesus.

  8. Safemoon Joe had a Hissy Fit, he was rejected by John and Safemoon. His thoughts clouded by entitlement, Burn32 pay day died, sold 1M SFM, then came LP injection, didn’t DCA, shafted by Drip, Drip Garden, Animal Farm, Safuu and other Ponzis. No profits in sight, “Facepalm Joe”.

  9. Thanks for not leaving us like Joe, Adam Bergman, moon boy crypto, and Arjay

  10. Great video, I have a quick question. I am an aspiring trader, I am looking study some traders and earn off their expertise rather than investing myself and lose money emotionally. Whats your take on copy trading? Do people really make money? Just looking for some reassurance.
    Thank you!

  11. Agree to disagree, if it wasnt for us, the army, SFM wouldnt exist. You cant say we are doing nothing. Its our funds. We can all leave and jump on another project as a whole,,, watch what would happen. I think john should be paid, but the real question is……..(How Much) continue on my friend

  12. I'm not spending nothing on the card when my Safemoon ain't worth shit lol

  13. You my friend, have become a breath or reasonable fresh air this morning. Count me as a new follower.

  14. My opinion, 80% of the Army holds below a milly SFM, Im trying to understand why card now. There is no benefit to having a card and not exchange first. Who is gonna pay, (example), 60,000 SFM for something like a T-shirt.??? Volumn=higher price=VALUE 👍🤷‍♂️

  15. That 1% is just V2. The team stole money from us on V1.

  16. Lololololol you seem that big drop after that big spike and you say the price looks amazing in the high-pitched voice

  17. Nice content, bro. Please continue to share some useful info. Thanks

  18. why would i use this card and pay an additional 2.5% on any transaction, when there's other cards giving me cash back and no charges.

  19. Criminal Joe is a damn fraud he literally went to prison for fraud how can anyone tale that chump seriously, especially now that his garbage NFT stuff was shot down by safemoon, John said get all of safemoons info off of your nft trash we want nothing to do with your criminal activity, now Criminal Joe is salty and crying

  20. Hmm, 97,5% will be sold if someone pays with his safemoon. And only 0.2% will be burned. I can't see how that can effect the price positively. The only thing is that we can hope that people who pay with safemoon will buy them again afterwards or they will only pay with other cryptos.

  21. instead of making statements about some card which i don't think will have the affect you think it will. Selling lowers the price don't forget. Ask about that million donated a year ago which we have not had any updates about. Ask about why our money was taken and not replaced. Ask why has the price gone down so much, when we had the biggest and most bullish community and more youtubers than anyone else.

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