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Top Altcoin Crypto for 2021. Friday Banter is a day early with some of the biggest players in Crypto! Join Cryptomanran with guests Do Kwon , Michael Arrington and Jose Macedo, two major league investors and the founder of a game-changing crypto ecosystem. As we approach full-blown Altseason, these titans discuss which Altcoin will put in the biggest gains, taking its place as best Altcoin buy of 2021.


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Michael Arrington
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Jose Marcedo
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00:00 Show Summary & Intro
03:22 Banter Party Invite Link
04:05 KuCoin Trading Challenge
04:59 Market Cap
05:20 Ownix (ONX)
08:20 Mike Arrington Joins the Banter
10:00 Ethereum & Luna
10:25 Do Kwon Joins the Banter
13:00 NFTs Use Cases
14:35 Jose Macedo Joins the Banter
15:50 Ecosystems
17:00 Algorand (ALGO)
18:00 Arrington Funds
19:12 Always be the Best Investor
19:45 Investors & Entrepreneurs
21:00 Labs Token Research
23:20 Luna & Solana
25:20 Terra (LUNA) Turning Point
27:00 Anchor & Mirror
28:50 New Projects Launching
31:00 Astroport (ASTRO)
32:05 Mars Protocol (MARS)
32:57 Levana Protocol (LVN)
33:10 Perpetual Protocol (PERP)
33:50 Columbus5 Upgrade
34:48 New Fund Announcement
35:20 Luna Utility
36:45 Do’s Investors
39:20 Luna Launchpad
39:45 Gary Gensler & Stablecoins
41:08 Do on Terra’s Community
42:43 Ran’s Thesis
43:30 Crypto vs Crypto
44:08 Metaverse & Regulations
44:58 Pressure Makes Diamonds
45:12 DEFI
46:28 Taxation in the Metaverse
47:03 Do vs SEC
49:40 Q4 Bitcoin Dominance
50:35 Bitcoin’s Disruptions
53:00 Adrian Baschuk Joins the Banter
54:00 Ethernity World Beta Membership
54:42 Lionel Messi Giveaway
56:10 Metaverse Giveaway
57:05 Cheds Trading Masterclass
58:25 Alien World (TLM)
58:45 #Afterbanter

Top Altcoin Crypto for 2021

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  1. My God that intro is HOT! Made me wish I was part of something that special! You guys are legends! Blows my mind the altruistic nature of the show. God bless you all & fam! Xo!!!!

  2. < I see BTC at $75K by end of this year but Will always let anyone know to forget predictions and start making good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses.The market is very unstable and you can't tell if it's going bearish or bullish.While myself and others are tradn without fear of making a loss others are being patient for the price to skyrocket. It all depends on the pattern you follow.I was able to make 9 bTC in just September from implementin tradess with tips and info from Mr William Henry Morgan.

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