6 gedachten over “THE @ThePodocasts1 WAS RIGHT ABOUT AMP TOKEN (I Apologize)”

  1. Don't let that dude get to your head. There are alot of licensing and regulatory hurdles. The payment side of crypto is the hardest of project. They gotta get licensing in every State. Podcast dude is a degenerate gambler. He like action more than tech. Be patient and let the process play out. Project that are quiet are quiet for a reason. Lots of litigation, especially after SEC label them as a security. Trust the tech.

  2. I don't care what that Darkside guy thinks. He FUDs and praises for his own personal gain. The Flexa and Ampera team's are doing EXACTLY what they need to do. The price of AMP will reflect strong regulatory usage in the near future. If there was any time to buy AMP, it would be now. This is not the time to sell. So much coming down the line concerning payments and collateral.

  3. Don’t lose hope young bull 💪🏽 I’m heavily invested in amp and trust me, the next bull run will be a utility run.

  4. I’m down big time on the AMP token. The development team with Tyler/flexa/flexa coin/amp/ampera are not delivering on what they promised.

  5. AMP is a great project, staying in it and DCA’ing every step of the way

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