The State of Bitcoin Cash 2019 – Gabriel Cardona Keynote Speech | Bitcoin Cash City Conference

Gabriel Cardona, Director of Developer Services at presents the State of Bitcoin Cash in 2019. He considers where we are today and projects forward to where we’re headed in the future.

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13 gedachten over “The State of Bitcoin Cash 2019 – Gabriel Cardona Keynote Speech | Bitcoin Cash City Conference”

  1. if people wanted BCH to be the King, the majority would have switched to BCH.

  2. I love BCH but basing its Culture in Australia is an unmitigated disaster, after the Encryption Attack Law that delivers 5 Years Imprisonment if you don't surrender your Passwords and thus Keys to the 5 Eyes On Demand. I think it's pretty clear that BTC and all crypto is gigantically rigged and this will get worse. Partial-quantum Computing alone nullifies it's Network Security and is a ticking time bomb and lastly, clearly, there will be a Global Government backed Cryptocurrency based on SDR and all other Currencies will collapse due to realisation of their Fiat Like worthlessness. What does government have to back their Fiat with? LAW INFORCEMENT FORCES STUPID!

  3. Outstanding presentation Gabriel congratulations! The white paper that was produced by the inventor Satoshi Nakamoto lives again in the Bitcoin Cash network thank you and all the developers that work very hard to bring economical freedom to the world improving and developing the BCH ecosystem. Best regards to you all from your friend here in Luxembourg. Next Bitcoin Cash City Conference I will not miss it for sure I want to join you!

  4. 1HATV6KuMBeTBHboqDyHm4P5xLv2S4Ntqu
    You have use this link always our country India was ben crypto currency so this mony I have not debit my account use this link and deposit my money your account I have not problem use any one 100000$ BTC

  5. State of Bcash 2019: still the same useless shitcoin with aggressive marketing.

  6. Nice coin Roger. -50% overnight. That's what happens when a few individuals own the majority of it. From 300 to 210$ in less than a day, the rest is history. Who would ever use that as a currency. Even Zimbabwe has a better currency lol

  7. Good to see how bitcoin is becoming being recognized despite the fluctuations

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