The Rules for Rulers

Adapted from ‘The Dictator’s Handbook’:

Part 2:

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30 gedachten over “The Rules for Rulers”

  1. 9:32 Geez, by this line you would be backstabbed so fast! (Got some Elden Ring Mikella vision)

  2. I gave this a long hard though. And I think it reveals ONE mechanic of power, but not THE mechanic. Many things are ignored, which are very important at the end. For example:
    * Fear can prevent conspirations, all way down the hierarchy until it becomes irrelevant.
    * Popularity can protect you. The revenge of the masses to the ones who treason you can be frightening.
    * Ideology does play a role, reducing the potential competitors, increasing loyalty, adding up to the cost of stopping you if you are pursuing the ideologies' goals, and more.
    I am sure I am missing more things. So – yes, this video reveals an important mechanics of power. But does not explain "it all" nor is necessarily the most important mechanics.

  3. Wow as enlightening as this was. I feel several orders of magnitude less optimistic now. This kind of sucks for the world.

  4. 12:00 Julius Caesar was a Dictator and he got his power from the people. That contradicts everything in your video.

  5. The main difference between rulers of the past and the rulers of today is how they manage their treasuries. Kings could not conjure up gold or silver to pay for their wars against other nations. Today's rulers in oligarchies like the US and others that call themselves “Democracies” simply print the money for their wars instead, and their citizens have no right to interfere with how they use their treasuries. In fact, citizens in every “democracy” agree to let politicians spend their tax money as they please.

  6. this video is 6 years old, as far as i can recall, i only saw it recent years, and so many things begun to making sense.

  7. To my knowledge there’s 2 ways to avoid this and both ways likely wouldn’t end well, we could revert to tribalism where large scale corruption becomes impossible because of the tiny population. Or have our government run completely by an ai Superintelligence. Obviously both of these won’t go well but I think the latter is pretty likely to happen accidentally.

  8. We are the bees for the king : basically the subject of a song from Amorphis named : the bees.

  9. While I love the details the videos show you about the systems that run a country , I feel like the one inportant factor that hasn't been mentioned and yet carries a very significant weight , foreign influence

  10. I didn't know that being a dictator was this easy. Guess I know what I'll be doing in the weekend

  11. If you are not cynical about politics… you will be after this video.

  12. this and humans need not apply leads me to believe another kind of dictatorship may soon become possible and nemours

  13. At the time of my comment, 5.7 milllion keys so far, and counting . . . . . 🙂

  14. Did Grey really use Altis from Arma 3 for the fictional map in the beginning?

  15. You have made me rewatch Game of Thrones with this new Point Of view …….Yes except last season

  16. If only there is Oscars for YouTube videos this clip will get it.

  17. While you did explain how farming subsidies are practically a way to buy votes, you forgot to mention another common way to buy votes: student loan forgiveness.

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