The Problem with Play-to-Earn Games – Axie Infinity

A documentary titled “Play to Earn” was released last year by crypto consulting firm Emfarsis. The documentary follows several Filipino gamers who share their experiences with an NFT game called Axie Infinity, which was released in 2018. Thanks to the game’s “Play to Earn” model they make a livable wage.

The term “Play to Earn” itself has recently been creeping up to describe certain new games. This isn’t a new way to describe casino games or games that use the steam marketplace. Instead, it describes games that have come about with the rise of Non Fungible Tokens. And while they are still in their relative infancy one game, Axie Infinity, boasted 2 million daily active users at the end of last year with over 1 billion dollars in volume traded. But what is it? How can you make money playing it? And is the game underneath even any good?

Is This Game Really Worth Quitting Your Job To Play? – Axie Infinity

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30 gedachten over “The Problem with Play-to-Earn Games – Axie Infinity”

  1. I was always saying that axie is a ponzi and the axie zombie lovers say me hater.

  2. I am in a few staking and earn to play games – have for almost a year now! Loving the returns seriously.

  3. It's just not sustainable. Crypto is a zero sum game because everyone is in it to make money, and for you to make money in such an environment someone has to lose money, usually the people who get in after a certain point (to the benefit of those who got into it earlier).

  4. Wow that was incredibly biased. If everyone stopped playing call of duty or fortnite or anything else then they would have worthless skins they spent money on too. Matter of fact, they can NEVER make their money back on these skins even if everyone in the world was playing their game.

    Point being, I’m lost at how tying money to a game makes it a ponzi. Most COD games cost $60 plus the add ons. So you just straight up lose the money. In the concept of axie you spend that money to get in but you never lose it until you sell. And if you want to use the definition that explains you need future investors, well then literally everything is a ponzi. What happens if no more US investments happen over the next 10 years? The concept of buying and selling itself becomes a ponzi when you take a very broad definition.

    Are there rug pulls in crypto and NFTs? Yes. Are there ponzis? Yes. Is NFT gaming/P2E a ponzi? No.

    The industry is brand new. Before 1990 everyone thought internet and computers were going to destroy the US and were straight from the devil. Now we don’t go a day without it. It’s the first time in the history of humans, that we are closer to global democracy (decentralized currency controlled by DAOs) than ever before. Moreover, every current “democracy” has gradually shifted into being an illusion of democracy where nothing is voted on except the people into power who have personal political and financial agendas. A computer program has NO AGENDA. They are programmed to complete a set of tasks and they do it. Everyone is playing the same game and the rules don’t bend if you’re rich or powerful. They are the rules of Ethereum or Bitcoin or other coins and they were made at their birth and are immutable. Their improvements only come from consensus voting by the community so anyone with a vested interest has the power to vote. This is the power of crypto and this will be relayed into games in the future. Right now, the games suck. Mostly has to do with the time it takes to build a game like COD or fortnite takes like 5 years and how long NFTs have been around (honestly about 2 years of mainstream knowledge but in total 5 years) Soon they will suck less and people will be making money.

    There are enough people in the global world who have enough money that they will want to pay 2 win where as there are also enough people in the global world who don’t have enough money and will play 2 earn. How you can think of it is a 3rd world citizen grinds to level up a charmander to a charizard and then sells the charizard to some rich guy who just started the game but wants to be way ahead.

    Something the whole world should know: if you look at anything from a different angle it can look bad (there’s a million angles you can look at this Ukraine-Russian war to come to differing conclusions). People will always look for ways to abuse the system that’s created. There are bad actors in NFTs and crypto. But that’s not the majority and as the space matures and security advances it’ll look a lot more like the current business landscape of the world where there are certainly bad actors but also a lot of really great businesses changing the world.

    Bottom line, just do some research. Look at these types of investments from many different perspectives. Think of it from the perspective of some little boy in Guatemala who’s been wearing handmedowns every year since birth or from an Ugandan dad who is fighting to support their kids. If I’m in those situations would I use my free time to play call of duty or a P2E version of call of duty? If you were a third world citizen would you trust your government to make the right decisions as the central power behind the entire financial system within their country? Didn’t work for Venezuelans, Germans after WW2, Russians currently, the list goes on and on. I trust the decentralized decisions of the entire world much much much more than I trust the decisions of the powerful elites in my own country of the United States, arguably the most wealthy and financially secure system in the world. Inflation is fucked, the governments been printing money for the last 2 years that we’ve never seen before since the Fed was established, and interest rates are unsustainable.

  5. The funniest thing about this video is that literally a week ago they lost millions of dollars from a hack giving this video even more credence

  6. I am going to hired aliens to invade the world

  7. I appreciate how you tried to keep your language neutral for the most part. I think so many people in the space takes tiny bits of information and form entire theses on them, speaking with raw emotion rather than with facts and evidence. This would be a waste of time–both for the writer and the audience.
    By trying to remain objective, I think you accomplished a lot more than most crypto youtubers and small-time documentary makers online. I'm still not convinced that Ethereum is truly as bad for three environment as you and many others say, but you did make me admit some harsh realities about the space that I would not have if you had approached the subject matter in a more aggressive way.

  8. The whole energy wasting of nft's is kind of a bad point. I say this as an electrical engineer who is deep into crypto. A lot of NFTs and play to earn is shady/ponzi, but it's not a great idea to make a video like this unless you have a very very good idea of the topic.

  9. All these play to earn games are effectively 'ponzis'. It's a closed loop and the only money you can make is money you and others have put in. So unless there is some other revenue source some people have to lose money. So if you're early to one of these games and think you can figure the system out then go for it. Just be sure it'll continue growing in users/money input.

  10. I would love to see how you do in a live debate on blockchain gaming. I am inviting you to a live discord call where we can debate the issue. Regardless of the outcome, it would be great content.

  11. What was the song you used for the background for the first couple minutes?

  12. All I'm saying is, even if the economy of any of these games was somehow fixed.. wh would our government want people to sit on their assess all day playing video games and not do anything productive by societal standards.. hate all you want, but it sure would suck if no other services existed because there's an easy way to earn money with little to no effort

  13. imagine a fighting crypto- game similar to mortal kombat or super smash or maybe a first person shooter game where viewer's are gambling the possible winners, while player's who are in debt lose and earn money by killing the enemy player's…kinda like underground dog fights really dystopian shit.

  14. This problem will never happen to Undead Blocks, since they've got a cap of 6.000 NFT's for their Play-To-Earn game. I've actually made a video covering some of the history of Undead Blocks, which is the hottest new NFT Kill-To-Earn game on the Ethereum network. The game is completely free and the game will fully launch before the end of the year, so do yourself a favor and go check it out!

  15. The comments are inundated with scamers and bot messages

  16. If I had a ton of extra disposable income, this looks like it would be pretty fun and interesting. But unfortunately, I don't. Any video game that costs more than $100 to play is a hard "no" for me.

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