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  1. To understand the problem ..
    .. just read The Creature from Jekyll Island !

    Hey Max … where's Griffin on your show ?
    Still waiting !

    Get him on … and get the Brits to read his book .. for G*ds sake !

    Otherwise .. great first half !
    Great quotes !

  2. The mistake is central planning and excessive government (FRB, SEC, Fannie, Freddie etc).

  3. round and round the ideological world goes. thats why you have hypocrisy.

  4. I second your advice. Mr. Griffin is one of the most intelligent people on this planet.

  5. Max is entertaining and educational.

    favorites of all times.
    1. peter schiff
    2. max keiser
    3.jim rogers
    4.ron paul
    5.marc faber
    6.alex jones
    7.don harrold

  6. Judging by how it's going, the U.S. government will probably lose all control by Summer. Stock up food and water and plant your Victory gardens this spring. It's going to be a wild ride.

  7. Wall St. bailout.
    – 700 billions.

    US national debt.
    – 10 trillions (and growing).

    "Once communism" China and Russia educate fat dumb "once capitalism" America on HOW TO RUN CAPITALISM.

    – PRICELESS !!!!

  8. hey guys! this show is slow. Glad you had Gaultier on at least, that was fun, but your guests otherwise were dull. What happened to the dude with the crazy hair from last time? He's a keeper!

  9. LOLOL, and you actually beleive the dollar is going to stay where it is now?

    You must have beleived Paulson and Bush when they said they beleive in a strong dollar.

  10. I distinctly remember my economics teacher predicting this when Regan started deregulation 25 years ago.

  11. Yes, and Jimmy Carter removed the usery caps on interest rates which were never put back on, then Regan got elected and his administration began removing the monopoly restrictictions set by the Sherman Act, and corporations began having even more rights, (yes I know this started right after the Civil War) Also, Regan gave labor a punch which it's never recovered from when the ATC's had their strike.
    Remember, Regan come up with trickle down economics just so all of us folks could be peed-ons.

  12. As to the comment below: So now you are trying to blame Clinton who left no national debt behind and you are trying to clear Bush who entered two senseless wars and led us to the biggest crisis in the history of the US?

  13. The "choice" of credit became a problem because the entities offering the credit are predatory in their behavior toward those given the credit. The reason is the changing of the bankruptcy laws during the BUSH administration. (Politicians have all be complicit because they ALL made money.)
    Banks extended credit after the laws changed because they could take our homes. By the way, people also have credit problems due to illness and job loss.
    We need oversite. We need campaign finance reform.

  14. that's funny…own the gold all you want and I'll SELL you a sandwich…maybe

  15. I guess the leaders aren't afraid of the very pissed- off masses yet.

  16. All these professional people and their professional opinons and they couldn't see it coming, please..!! Over heated stockmarket, prices of real estate overpriced and alot of paper money floating around, people with no saving getting money from the bank was never easier. I am not a financal banker, broker or Wall St wanker, i'm just the average Joe Blow that has very long sight! The Wall St wankers are about fucking the average Joe Blow, your time is up, get ready for the reckoning….! Enjoy

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