The NFL is (seemingly) RIGGING the Super Bowl for KC! McKinnon questionable, SB Preview and more

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0:00 – Mahomes SB appearances
1:39 – KC Offense vs 49ers Defense
4:32 – Sponsored by Surfshark
6:01 – 49ers Offense vs KC Defense
10:06 – NFL rigging Super Bowl
13:45 – Final injury report

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30 gedachten over “The NFL is (seemingly) RIGGING the Super Bowl for KC! McKinnon questionable, SB Preview and more”

  1. What's up legends! What are your thoughts on this upcoming Super Bowl matchup? Let me know and don't forget to secure your privacy with Surfshark! Enter coupon code HBTC for an extra 3 months free at

  2. It’s hilarious, when Patriots were winning SB’s it was ‘Cheating’, when Chiefs are winning SB’s its the NFL rigging. It’s declared rigging by the NFL because Chiefs hasn’t had a deflategate or caught recording practices. These claims are only made by team’s fan bases that aren’t winning SB’s….They can’t admit Chiefs are a better team

  3. CMC: they keep waking us up with fire alarms.
    49ers staff: that’s an alarm clock. We need you to get up and practice.

  4. If the Chiefs win comprehensively, then that will silence the chatter. A few Purdy intercepts should do the trick.

  5. Don't put Toney or Moore in. Stick to the offense you have.

  6. I woke up for football practice everyday at 6:00 am hell I even wake up at 6:00am for school

  7. You have to remember, football players have IQs slightly better than rocks! This is entertainment only….they have to keep entertaining us (paying customers). It’s called Flare!! Adds to hype for views!

  8. If you actually knew it was rigged you would sale everything you owned and bet all of it.

  9. Anyone who keeps subscribing to this clown is a bigger clown than he is.

  10. 49ers for the win. 49 ers 37…..Chiefs 29. Unless the refs are going to cheat in favor of the Chiefs.

  11. The people who say its rigged. They will continue to invest in the NFL.

  12. I’ve got Chiefs 20-17. You’re not keeping SF completely out of the end zone and after the last couple of games, I feel like at least two red zone visits will end up in late field goals.

  13. Niners are already looking for a reason if they lose. Poor guy had to wake up at 6 like most people do every day. Execpt hes making millions.

  14. Raiders beat chiefs without completing a pass in the second half. Niners better win!!

  15. Everyone is forgetting about McKinnon coming back healthy and sf is horrible with screen passes and jet sweeps. I think #1 I'd going to have a big impact on the game.

  16. Word has it, Taylor Swift sent the pizza to Jordan's room before the flu game.

  17. If I hear this "its rigged for the chiefs one more time, my last brain cell will give up on life

  18. 49ers with a 52-13 victory.
    Deebo is MVP!.
    This is going to be an awesome parade!.

  19. HOW can the 49ers say that all this predetermined stuff before the season is rigged. It's like they are trying to come up with excuses so they don't look bad when they lose on Sunday

  20. I've never seen a team whine more before a superbowl. All these excuses are just giving off hella insecurities and lack of confidence

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