The NEWEST SafeMoon SWAP Partner | MetFX

The newest SafeMoon SWAP partner has been added called MetFX as well as John the CEO of SafeMoon shares remarks on their blockchain they’re building.

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8 gedachten over “The NEWEST SafeMoon SWAP Partner | MetFX”

  1. Who would you like to see added next to the SafeMoon SWAP?

  2. Since the only product that safemoon actually sells is the crypto, where do you think they're getting all the money to pay their employees? Not only are you all getting robbed, but you're lifting up the same people that robbed you, this is laughable.

  3. Man, safemoon is at .0003 get real, it's a dead token, has no future, the CEO is a criminal, we got taken, trust me, we're burnt……

  4. Bruh – how much does your mom make you pay for electricity?

  5. Thanks Atlas – I think the SafeMoon team is working their butts off! I’ll buy a little of whatever swap partners SafeMoon brings in to support both the partners and SafeMoon.

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