The Internet Computer (ICP) Origyn and Supernova Are Just The Beginning in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

The Internet Computer (ICP) Origyn and Supernova Are Just The Beginning. Imagine the Origyn of the Universe, a Quiet Still Place, In the Distance a Supernova Explodes with enough force to move Galaxies, as the once dark pool of space moves into light, God creates Life and worlds are created and our intelligence evolves and now get into the Internet Computer Global Hackathon event and Origyn Foundation that is doing the same thing except on Web 3. Creating a small universe and ecosystem inside of the web 3 envirnment where light and life form and then events will happen in this newly created digital world!
So tonight 6 Figs and I will Talk about the Supernova Hackathon as well as the Origyn Foundation. So please subscribe for more updates and price movements. We will also talk about some ta and ICP’s next move.

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  1. internet computer the worst coin does not pump and when it drops it breaks the ground I don't believe in this project anymore I have 1000 pieces and they are minus 50% better let go and only make videos for internet computer

  2. I can't believe I missed this show with 6figs. I hope you guys to more shows together.

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