The future of money | Neha Narula in 2022

laatste update: 06-2022

What happens when the way we buy, sell and pay for things changes, perhaps even removing the need for banks or currency exchange bureaus? That’s the radical promise of a world powered by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. We’re not there yet, but in this sparky talk, digital currency researcher Neha Narula describes the collective fiction of money — and paints a picture of a very different looking future.

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30 gedachten over “The future of money | Neha Narula in 2022”

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  2. There can be no possible problem with bitcoin and blockchain, because some people who really like it say so.

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  4. There is no safe and secure on the Internet an saying this is real money is not true in history real money as always been gold and silver and other things with this so call digital real money if the government want to steal from you like they always all they need is computer and your money will just disappear in your account sorry this is not for me because this is completely fraud because the slave masters ar going to be in charge of this system too

  5. This is a great presentation and definitely has some truth and predictions on the future that are spot on, however the statement "The first set of cryptocurrencies are a little bit slow and a little bit cumbersome, but the next generation is going to be so much better and so much faster" is false. Faster does not mean better. The reason Bitcoin is cumbersome is because its rock solid secure and supported by the network. There will never be a cryptocurrency that can compete with Bitcoin. Also the lightning network solves the performance and time issue. Thanks for the great content!

  6. Perfect platform for the antichrist- no buying or selling except you take the mark of the beast 666.
    You are automatically removed from every economic transaction.
    Jesus loves you all.

  7. My advice to everyone is to invest in cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin as it may rise higher than this very soon and you will wish you didn't miss this opportunity

  8. I'd imagine money has a rather short life span. Digital money requires a common acceptance. Gold and silver have real, mostly immutable value. Personally – I wish I was a great artist but apparently you need talent. Might just buy diesel and some cheese slices and wait for a war. Should be a hoot!

  9. Money= Value of your labor completed. Currency = an redeemable Certificate authenticating your labor completed. Crypto/Stocks/other investments = Instruments/Vehicles for laborer to inflate/deflate value of their labor. So, standard Game plans for all earthly laborers is to ride a stable and rising vehicle and then successfully bail out before the vehicle crashes to the ground.

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