The Doomed Economy – Axie Infinity

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Gaming and Crypto have been on a collision course for the past 2 years, but one project has emerged as the unequivocal leader. Axie Infinity is not just a game, it is a career now, for millions of people around the world, but the game has a fundamental, economic flaw.

Today I want to examine the doomed reality of Axie Infinity as a collection of little NFT creatures gets closer and closer to brutal economic collapse.




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30 gedachten over “The Doomed Economy – Axie Infinity”

  1. If your revenue stream is from people buying in, and people buying in are doing so with the expectation do cash out a much higher value at a later date, then you need an ever increasing amount of new players. Once this starts to dry up then the system collapses.

    Despite red flags with Axie's economy, they still get bailed out.

  2. 👆👆I really appreciate the work that this guy did for me,I got my axle account restored back to my wallet through this help

  3. Helped in receiving to my meta mask

  4. Helped in receiving to my meta mask

  5. I tried it and it wouldn't work. Transfer cripto to it, it say that it been transfer but I got nothing and support is taking a long time(6 months at the time) so I cut my losses and leave.

  6. In all honesty with the current development of the gaming industry it's best to focus on single player/ coop games and enjoy those as anything else has a chance to be turned into a hot piece of garbage you waste your time getting invested in.

  7. I do think saying theyre falling below minimum wage is unfair, thats comparing a full time job to a game you play an hour a day

  8. So what you're saying is, I should play this game. 🤔😏

  9. Play to earn video games were always doomed to fail. As Callum Upton explained, when you aren't playing for fun the video game stops becoming a game and just turns into a job. And that makes sense because video games usually come with no real world risks, but once you start adding real money to a game like Axie Infinity you're incentivized to make as few mistakes as possible while playing because from what I've heard if your rank drops to certain degree in the game your account can no longer earn SLP and your rank can still progressively go lower despite hitting that threshold. This realization alone of potentially losing real world money completely destroys any semblance of fun in the game, add that to the fact you no longer get the chance to safely learn the meta and strategy via trial and error, it's no longer a video game at that point.

  10. 15:38 singapore is one of the richest country in the world. just limit to the top 4, no need to make up lies to prove point.

  11. Wow damn, you’re telling me this whole thing was a fever dream from the beginning?

  12. 15:38 "all of these countries have extremely high poverty rates"… bro, just a slight correction but Singapore is one of the richest country in the world. Otherwise great video as usual.

  13. I mean this isnt rocket science. If there is not a fun foundation that people wanna play for the fun of it then who is gonna put money in ? Its not like the players are generating anything. Sure with all the new people starting and buying Axies there is money coming in but when most are in what then ?

    Look at Lost Ark that would work perfectly as a play to earn game. People are putting ten-thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in and you could definitly make it that F2P players could do activities like farming upgrade materials and crafting materials for a currency that can then be cashed out by them.

    If a game is actually fun people will throw there money at it these days.

    I play the game normal i spent something for an additional character slot or the subscription here and there and im having a blast. I played Lost Ark since launch and i paid maybe 60$ overall and have gotten 900h of playtime out of it.

    As long as the game is fun there are lots of possibilities but when your game is soulless and only a money printer that wont work out in in the long term

  14. So, play to earn seems to be just a pyramid scheme with extra steps. Because the only way to sustain it is infinite growth of user base.

  15. Tried this game for about 2 and a half months. Friend of mine has an extra account. Game was actually quite boring and doesnt give much incentive to play outside the potential play to earn. So given that, when i saw the exponential decrease in SLP prices in the span of 2 months (from abour 2$ each to less than 10 cents), i knew this was going down. I handed my accoujt back to my friend and walked away

    Its been almost a year since that happened… and i heard axie has not rebounded… and i really cant see how it would.

  16. A digital pyramid scheme… how novel. ‘Vid levels of speculation.

  17. Freakin LOVE this game!! Yeah it averages me a few bucks a day.

  18. Vice news just dropped a clip on YouTube about Axie Infinity today (6/10/22). They were in the Philippines covering the story. I'm curious to see what they have to add.

  19. This was doomed from the get go. All of these blockchain (and metaverse) games are complete nonstarters. We’re in a golden age of digital snake oil salesmen.

  20. the way you make these types of videos feel nice to listen to while doing something else, keep it up!

  21. I love how crypto bros think they can solve economy and human greed by adding blockchain to everything

  22. Nahhh it's a scam period. Here in PH it's marketed as an investment.

  23. All play to earn games are flawed. You cant create money out of nothing. Playing a game does not generate any kind of value that has a monetary equivalent. Players only earn from these games because it is structured as a Ponzi scheme.

  24. It’s a game though you think they could just come out with a second game and have everyone jump on that one axie infinity 2 lmao

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