The Dark Underworld of F1 Sponsorships

Formula 1 title sponsors are sometimes just as iconic as the cars their names are painted on. But have you ever seen a sponsor and wondered “What the heck is that?”. We have too. Join Nolan and explore some of the sketchiest sponsors in F1 history; some recent and some almost too far fetched to believe. Also, we’ll figure out what the heck a Mission Winnow is.

Special thanks to @felixdicit for the thumbnail. Make your own F1 livery

WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.

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30 gedachten over “The Dark Underworld of F1 Sponsorships”

  1. I want to hear your best fake company name, what they sell, and which team they'd sponsor. Go!

  2. Vermouth is kinda just a boozy mixer. It’s not supposed to be high end. If you want a more opulent martini, you just use less vermouth, making it “dry.”

  3. 9:46 The mission winnow logo is the Marlboro logo? Like… Different colours, different angle in the chevron. Same dimensions and shapes?
    What dimensions does a logo actually have?

  4. that "parody" is legitimately how corporations speak. There is no difference between what you said and what a corp would actually say. I shit you not.

  5. If anything, all these shady companies are content.
    Scandals are entertaining.

  6. Hey Donut, you think theres anyway your fandom could come together and spam danny davito and the cast of its always sunny to buy a space on HASS as "WOLF COLA"

  7. QNET (on the old marussia cars) is an MLM scam company banned in many western countries, but vibrant in the middle east with more lax laws on pyramid schemes.

  8. Well I really just take advantage of the companies I already know that give discounts

  9. Eyetime, ehm Lyoness, ehm Lyconet are still on the market eventually, scamming people. The only "legal" thing in that holding is myWorld which is a wannabe-Amazon and sells actual products. I bought two weeks ago the official F1 2019 videogame for 6 euros.

  10. I wonder when these vape companies worth more than tobacco companies gonna start advertising secretly on world wide sports and motorsports

  11. Nowadays it seems as if F1 is steering towards are more transparent sponsors policy propelled by the popularity of the sport right now. Is it? Or is it just a perception?

  12. They should allow tobacco sponsors again.
    Or weed sponsors…
    Fuck the WHO and the FDA..

  13. Z fest when other channels do a better a job and doesn't seem pressed for time

  14. Three rules to win in F1: 1 have your team in England 2: Huge amounts of cash 3: the best car on the grid

  15. I wonder if Gene Haas got some Dutch family or so, because haas means hare in Dutch. I don't see anything suggesting Dutch origin in a quick search, but his anwer would probably be "My name is Haas, I don't know anything" lol

    In case you have no idea what I'm talking about: it's a Dutch saying "Mijn naam is haas, ik weet van niks" which is used when you don't know, won't say you know to anyone else or want to make clear that you know but can't say more. It apparently came from the events following a duel in Germany in 1855 where a student called Hase lent his colleague an id to get out of the country. When arrested, Hase apparently said (in German) "My name is Hase, I deny the accusation, I don't know anything." That somehow became popular saying in the Netherlands as well and they even made a song about it in 1973 <–(Lowland Trio – Mijn Naam Is Haas)

  16. Cigarettes are very popular in advertisment I assume it is because america is really the only country that shames smokers

  17. I remember seeing the mission winnow logo and thinking it was “mission win now” like some kind of slogan

  18. The "mo powa babeh" workout supplement needs to be a thing! Get with youtuber "more plates more dates"

  19. second in popularity to football i honestly hope you don't mean the american football but the rest of the world real football 😂😂

  20. Tobacco was so great for Racing. Racing still has not recovered from the loss of tobacco!

  21. Rich energy still sponsor lots of riders/teams in the British superbikes championship and lots of rumours floating around the paddock that it's all a front for a Zimbabwean tobacco company and a porn company

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