The CRAZY story of 3 Chiefs fans found DEAD in backyard!

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27 gedachten over “The CRAZY story of 3 Chiefs fans found DEAD in backyard!”

  1. Hey Cole, I have a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and am unable to find the "banged a 60 year old woman." (Clip?) Would you please put a link here? BTW, my son is 31, we live together to be able to get by. I'm older than your Mom, 70 yrs old. Oh, and my BA is from Rockhurst U. Thanks for all you do for us. Your content is incredible. Thanks in advance, MaryAnne in New Mexico

  2. Feels like they were drugged. Not sure if it was intentional or not. No reason to think they all passed out in the cold like that.

  3. That’s sad 😞. Prayer for the loved ones dealing with this tragedy. It’s mighty sus though.

  4. Accident? How do you not know 3 people are dead in your backyard

  5. You can't sleep for 2 day and people were banging on the door this is stupid

  6. The report about cars in the driveway was not true they were parked on the street

  7. I feel its drug overdose and they put them outside to blame it on freezing to death. But how do 3 grown men all die in 30 degree weather idk

  8. If i had to take a guess, id say they probably drank a lot, passed out then froze to death outside. Prayers up to them and their families 🙏

  9. I think it was aliens. Either that, or the worst murder and cover up of all time. Do we know if the home owner was a Dolphins fan? I heard he was a scientist, maybe a drugging afoot?

  10. So you’re going to assume that drugs were involved.
    How about if I assume that you murdered them.
    You’re a clown.
    How about waiting for evidence, instead of jumping to conclusions.
    If you’re wrong, will you shut up and disappear forever?

  11. Is this insane.
    Or are you just ignorant about other freezing deaths.
    I’m going with option number two.

  12. If the fiancee could break a window to get in, why wouldn't these guys do it if they were in trouble? Plus, this house is in a neighborhood where they could try another house for help rather than freeze to death. Toxicology will be interesting for these reasons. Go Chiefs, freeze the Ravens…

  13. Well did they check the bodies for any blood 🩸 or the clothes. And did they check for any bruises. Because maybe the could’ve been beat to death. Or maybe, weirdly all three of them had blood clots.

  14. I saw theories of Fentanyl posioning. Not sure if it's true, but this whole thing is definitely suspicious on the friend renting this house.

  15. There was definitely foul play no way there isn’t the best defense the guy has is he was asleep for 2 days come on now it’s a wonder too me how he is not getting investigated

  16. Bills mafia killed them after the loss to the chiefs

  17. i would assume Fentanyl might be involved either knowingly or unknowingly

  18. How do you sleep for 48hrs with people calling and knocking on your door. Why would your wallets and keys be found inside the house???

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